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January River in AllAuthor Cover Contest

My novel about five friends, one dog and one river carrying a secret is competing in AllAuthor Cover of the Month contest for June 2020.

If you like January River cover designed by Domi at Inspired Cover Designs, please cast your vote! Even if you don’t like the cover, and you love dogs, cast your vote. A golden retriever from its cover will be grateful to you, and so will I!

Please also check this heartwarming coming-of-age literary fiction with episodes of mystery and romance cross-genre story on Amazon and leave an honest review if you like stories of true friendship, first darlings, and real loves, beautiful nature and our four-legged friends who quickly become honorable members of our families.

Thank you!


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January River in AllAuthor Cover Contest for June 2020
January River in AllAuthor Cover Contest for June 2020

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