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Cruel Summer Cover and Blurb Reveal

With the beginning of the new year comes the moment to announce my new book launch! And I start it with its cover and blurb reveal.

I originally wrote Cruel Summer in Croatian over 20 years ago. By the end of February this year, I will release it in English. Cruel Summer is a Young Adult cross-genre novel with elements of social and family issues, teen and child abuse, extreme sports, conspiracy, mystery, murder and crime investigation, teen romance, sci-fi and dystopia.

I hope I won’t be distracted this time with earthquakes and other unpredictable situations and thus forced to postpone my release date again.

Indie author Dean Cole did a fantastic job and made me fall in love with his stunning eBook and paperback cover. Working with Dean was a genuine pleasure. He is the fastest designer I worked with and he will professionally meet and fulfill your requirements before you are aware it is over. It took him only three days to deliver me such a brutally good book cover, as one of my friends commented it. Do I need to say more?

Another indie author, also from the UK, saved me by helping me with the blurb for Cruel Summer when I was stuck with it. Jonathan Hill was my savior and magician also for the blurbs for my other two books, January River and Look for Me Under the Rainbow. This time again he did an amazing job, and I can never thank him enough for his professionalism, patience and kind help.

Cruel Summer Blurb

All he wants to do is skate. But they have other plans for him.

Michael Daniels is seventeen and dreams to enter professional skateboarding contests. But beneath New Manhattan, a city under the oppressive shadow of climate change, exists another world altogether—secret laboratories which threaten society as he knows it.

Those with power will get what they want. No price is too high, even if it means making someone special or robbing them of their dignity, freedom . . . or life.

The price is too high for Michael, though. He has endured his stepfather’s abuse and mind games for almost as long as he remembers. Until one day he takes matters into his own hands, ruining the lives of those he loves most. And his skateboarding friends, Alien and Victor, are his only hope for freedom.

When there is no hope left, friendship is what remains.

Please show some love to Dean and Jonathan by following them on their Twitter and on Goodreads where you can also find their books.

And don’t forget to look for Cruel Summer when it goes online and becomes available on my Amazon profile.


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Cruel Summer by Bernard Jan eBook cover designed by Dean Cole
Cruel Summer by Bernard Jan eBook cover designed by Dean Cole
Cruel Summer by Bernard Jan paperback cover designed by Dean Cole
Cruel Summer by Bernard Jan paperback cover designed by Dean Cole

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