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Maybe it is no coincidence that Veil by Eliot Peper is being launched at a time when the cries for saving our planet and warning about climate change were the strongest and on its peak when another threat appeared out of the blue and silenced them. As the threat to the world population kills people everywhere, who is still thinking about global warming and climate change? Is it that important when we don’t know who will tomorrow live and who will die?

Yes, it is important. Because, viruses or no viruses, without the climate that sustains the thriving of all creatures, viruses won’t matter because there won’t be any life for them to attack. It will all be barren and dead.

Veil is an important book that comes at the right time. As we are afraid, or forced to fear for our own existence, we must not lose this global picture from our sight. Because what will happen if someone hijacks our climate and starts disasters that kill tens of million people and puts the future of our civilization at stake?

This is what happens in Veil, an intriguing, informative and educational “family” story, veiled in secrets, manipulations and their revelations, and rediscovered friendship and family ties.

Eliot Peper is not only a skilled storyteller, but also a teacher. He warns us about what can happen when a single human being gets enough power to change the world and gives us food for thought what will we do and what kind of future we want for ourselves and our loved ones.

This is a wake-up call, and if we don’t pull our heads out of the sand of ignorance, not only will someone with power hijack our climate but also our lives and very existence.

I want to thank Eliot for giving me the opportunity to read his advance review copy and conclude my honest review with two brilliant excerpts from his brand new novel.

Time distending into singularity at the moment of impact, every fiber of her soul resonating at the same frequency before shattering like a crystal champagne flute under the ringing soprano of an opera singer.

Clarity is not short sentences, she’d said. Or long sentences. Or sentences of any particular flavor. Clarity is forging your imagination into a pebble that, when tossed, will ripple through other minds.


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