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My Goodreads Reviews Part 10

Books from my new Goodreads reviews are here for you to buy them, read them, rate them, review them, and hopefully like them as I did! Please follow and support these wonderful authors.

A Separate Peace, Why Authors Fail, A Little Sin, Izgubljena, Man at 50: A Journey of Crisis, Revelation and Survival!

Ingenious, beautiful, artistic. A story of two best friends and teenage boys in a New England boarding school and the event that in a split second ended their innocence and determined the course of their lives in the early years of World War II. You just have to love this book. A timeless classic.

If you are in my shoes and still struggling to find a warm, cozy and popular spot for your books under the sun, this is the book you better read. Whether you are a perfectionist, procrastinator, undecided or lacking knowledge what, how and when to do it, this anti-failure book with intriguing title Why Authors Fail will give you a dose of encouragement and advice you might lack and need for your success. Try it, read it, think it over, and try it again by acting upon it. Maybe you’ll become one of those authors who don’t fail anymore!

In a world full of hatred and prejudice, love was born. Forbidden, punishable love. Love that could get you killed like the wrong skin color, as the white hoods ride through the nights with the flames of their torches ablaze.

Avery O’Rourke is a sheriff in a rural East Texas town; Garland Sands is a veterinarian. They are secret lovers, trying to keep the flame of their passion and love ablaze in the middle of two murders investigation while their little town further sinks into racism, homophobia and sexism.

A Little Sin realistically depicts same-sex love between two young men and romance that transcends the time. Almost hundred years later, we still sometimes wonder whether the time has overcome homophobia, racism and sexism, or the ghosts of hatred from the past still linger in the false glitter of our society, just differently packed in false promises of tolerance and equality.

I implore the author and the publisher to translate this poetry and publish it in English. Croatia is too small and too ungrateful for this kind of art. It needs much wider space and a lot more sun to blossom and bask in deserved appreciation and praise.

Written in a narrative, almost journalistic style, Man at 50: A Journey of Crisis, Revelation and Survival! is a testimony of one’s man struggle to cope with his fears, failures, insecurities, abuse, and endless search for love and acceptance. On his physical and emotional journey, he hides nothing as he documents his life story of someone constantly moving on the margins of life to a happy family man who has earned recognition and acceptance. This is a touching autobiography determined to inspire and help others who fight the similar battles.

Happy reading!


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