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My Goodreads Reviews Part 5

I hope you are ready for a new set of five books I have in store for you. Check out my Goodreads reviews and grab these cool reads; it’s the best way to spend your first summer weeks!

Book Launch: How to Write, Market & Publish Your First Bestseller in Three Months or Less AND Use it to Start and Grow a Six Figure Business, Wayward, Joey’s Little Monster: Trip to imagination (Illustrated bedtime story for children), Lion: A Long Way Home, Transcription

A young man who hated writing turns with his buddy their short productivity guide into a book, launches it on Amazon and goes snowboarding in Austria. While sitting in the chairlift he learns his book became Amazon Bestseller and went on to start a 6-figure business. Book Launch offers you a tried, tested, and proven book launch formula and helps you write your book in record time!

Thank you for the encouragement, Chandler!

My kind of book! Love it!

Beautifully illustrated, Joey’s Little Monster: Trip to imagination (Illustrated bedtime story for children) by William May teaches children about the power of imagination and how nice it is to dream because in dreams anything is possible (even to create worlds or tame a dragon).

This story that carries the message of kindness will also remind children and adults why we should never stop dreaming. If we dream big and we dream often, one day our dreams might become a reality.

Joey’s creating landscapes and creatures in his dream reminded me on how we authors create worlds and characters for our books. The power of our imagination is the same, except we travel and dream with eyes wide open.

Incredible true story of survival, faith, love, hope, and reunion. Lion is a testimony that impossible is possible.

Saroo Brierley’s memoir needs to be experienced both through his words and by watching a motion picture.

What happens when horror stories turn into infectious deadly reality and ordinary readers become violent hunters and killers of their neighbors and other people? Human life has no value and survival seems impossible as four friends try to escape the mass killing hysteria and save the world.

Transcription is a chilling and gripping read, the fans of horror stories will love it!

Happy reading!


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