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Look for Me Under the Rainbow at Discount Price!

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Monday, June 24, 2019, 8:00 AM PDT through Sunday, June 30, 2019, 8:00 AM PDT

“I would have this book in schools everywhere, because it really teaches people (and kids) the cruelties of humans. The story as a whole and Danny reminded me of Bambi. Highly recommend the book!”—John-Clement Gallo, author of The Shadowverse

An excerpt from the book:

Danny watched with joy as baby seals crawled out from hollows in the ice that served as cots and waddled to their mothers. They hungrily suckled on warm milk before returning to their ice beds to continue their sleep.

Danny’s seemingly indifferent father strutted around their group, protecting them from unexpected enemies. Now and then he emitted a proud bellow. The sight not far from him was in every faction full of love; Danny could hardly stop himself from running to join them. He wanted to snatch some of that warm intimacy for himself, as well as play with the new pups. He wished he could get closer to his father too. Though he reached out to him several times, his father treated him with such aloofness Danny backed off—ashamed and aching. Alone. Back to the loneliness in which he spent the first eight days of his life, because his mother would still not let him join the others.

“But, Mom, why aren’t we living with other seals? Why are we alone? Why can’t I play with the others? Look how happy they are!” He watched with longing as two pups rolled down the icy slope, playfully holding each other by the neck.

“Be patient, son,” his mother always replied. “Soon you will be able to play with them, too.”

“But when, Mom, when?”

“Soon, Danny, very soon.”

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Look for Me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan

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