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Sea of Glass

Maybe you won’t choose Rebecca Gransden for your survival guide, but if you are looking for an expert guide through horror, gory, macabre, bizarre, and everything that borders with (in)sanity and survival, Rebecca Gransden is someone you’ll call!

The first pages of her novella Sea of Glass left me glued to the sudden chaos happening outside the tower. Yet the true chaos is to begin when Kattar Bassis escapes the street inferno and finds shelter within the glass walls of his building. Roaming its floors, he only wishes to find EXIT and survive, on his way discovering and stumbling upon things beyond our imagination.

Rebecca Gransden’s mind is eons away from average literary efforts and accomplishments, her brain works with cybernetic precision in creating the atmosphere and feelings of hopelessness, fear, frustration and the impossible. Her voice is soothing as she narrate-walks us through the labyrinth of puzzle-like crafted sentences that sometimes leave us wondering and contemplating and sometimes with a suppressed exclamation Wow! on our mute lips.

Still waiting to see whether it will leave a permanent mark on my psyche, I can conclude that Sea of Glass is a story to be re-read, Sea of Glass is a story for the highest acclaim.


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