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My Goodreads Reviews Part 2

The next five books I’ve reviewed on Goodreads are now on my blog Muse, too!

Rebirth (Praegressus Project #1), The Rooster Bar, Kindle Bestseller Secrets: 10 Tricks Bestselling Non-Fiction Authors Use To Dominate Kindle, The Killing Club, Screens.

Hope you like them and enjoy the time you will spend with them.

What’s there not to like about my at the moment favorite dystopian genre? And about the story of young boys and girls, by the government proclaimed traitors, destined to either subject themselves to experiments and genetic manipulations or keep their integrity and dignity by accepting the death sentence with no trial?

And what’s there to like about living in a society which abducts and stigmatizes children by the sins of their parents and with savage brutality forces them into submission to use them as weapons for the survival of the human race and one secret project?

Can and will they endure the torture, violence and humiliation inflicted upon their bodies and minds? Can ordinary kids-proclaimed traitors-turned victims spread their wings and raise themselves to the pedestal of superhumans and heroes? Or will they succumb and perish in the dust of others who vanished in the gutters of the American dystopian world?

Merciless, violent and painful is an American future in Rebirth, exciting first book of the Praegressus Project series by Aaron Hodges.

Three law students on their fall from the dreams of changing the world to the reality nightmare of mountainous student debt, loss of their friend, plots, scams, fake identities, immigration issues and uncertain future on the beaches of Dakar. A fast and light read that will entertain you.

Derek wrote a powerful and informative book full of tricks and tips that will save your time and help you keep your spirits up as you pave your way through the overcrowded road to your readers! The step-by-step blueprint will guide you on your way from struggling author with a low budget to the best choice among the competition! And it works both for non-fiction and fiction authors!

Exceptional adrenaline crazy ride! A great thriller!

Screens by Nathaniel Patrick Sanders

Although the e-book could and should be done better technically (formatting, editing, etc.), I gave it 5 stars because I enjoyed the capturing story and the whole idea. It is a gripping, exciting and fast-paced read which diverted my thoughts and made me feel better in times of a personal distress.

I don't know whether the author is planning on writing a sequel or not, but I encourage him to think in that direction. Screens has a potential of a bestseller, but only after the author corrects the present errors and makes the whole read even more fluent.

Happy reading!


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