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More action. More suspense. More intrigue. More of everything in the second installment of the Analog Series, Borderless.

It’s all about the feed and the clash and wisdom of two women—Diana and Helen—who keep the present, future and the ultimate destiny of the world in the fist of their attacks and counterattacks.


The feed was the information infrastructure that empowered nearly every human activity and on which nearly every human activity relied. A talisman that lent mere mortals the power of demigods. Doctors used it for diagnosis. Brokers used it to place bets. Physicists used it to explore the mysteries of quantum entanglement. Farmers used it to grow food. Kindergarteners used it to learn the alphabet. The feed was power, water, transportation, communication, entertainment, public services, relationships, industry, media, government, security, finance, and education. Without it the churning torrent of human civilization would cease.

Praise to Eliot Peper, the author of Cumulus, True Blue, Neon Fever Dream, The Uncommon Series, Bandwidth, and now another near-future thriller Borderless, the second novel in the Analog Series.

If you haven’t read anything coming from Eliot Peper’s super brain, correct that now and grab any of his books. His writing is intelligent, seducing, enchanting, like multi-colored waterfall cascading over the central core of your brain.

Read this: You were the center of gravity in a dance that you were observing but not participating in. And read this: When you owned your own decisions, you owned your own sins. And this: The overall impression it left was of something designed but not engineered, a marriage of botanical growth and human imagination.

And then read the whole of Borderless, not skipping a single word because you don’t want to shatter the glass ball of magical writing in front of which we bow our heads pleased and humbled.

Overwhelmed with the beauty and the rich texture of his writing style, I need to say this one last thing (or maybe two). Many great authors are out there but there are not so many great authors who are true artists. Eliot Peper is one of them.

Whether you are just a reader, a budding or established writer or an author, read Eliot Peper. Read him slowly and with tender care. Enjoy the process and LEARN.

You don’t want to miss the taste of the near future and live it now in your imagination before it will become real in a few years or decades; you don’t want to be excluded from the privilege of knowing one of the best composers of the written word who walks, breaths, dreams and lives in the same feed as you do. That would be a shame.


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