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The World According to Bob

As someone who was saved by my cat Marcel, which I described in my novella A World Without Color, I can say there is not a single thing I did not like about The World According to Bob. Just as in its prequel A Street Cat Named Bob, Bob made me smile, laugh and cry. There were so many familiar things in his behavior I saw and recognized in Marcel. Marcel was my world and losing him was an emotional and intellectual apocalypse.

I am grateful to author James Bowen for sharing his touching and difficult life story and for evoking my fondest and saddest memories. I am grateful to him for portraying Bob as someone extraordinary, smart, intelligent and cunning, the most loyal, compassionate and best friend possible.

Animals are the purest souls on this planet and if we let them touch our hearts, we will feel and experience something no other human can give us. I am saying this not only as someone who has a soft spot for cats and is a one hundred percent cat person, but as someone who has been there and lived it.

Bob, you have my love and admiration. Stay awesome as you are.


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