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Blooms and Thorns of May

Most definitely May 2018 was one of the most exciting and annoying months. When my heart bloomed and my soul wept with frustration.

Good news? My Twitter profile got its first 10,000 followers! My LinkedIn profile hit the number of 4,000 friends and followers! Fantastic news!

Care to join my old and new followers? Would be so cool!

May 9 was a good day. An excellent day, because the paperback edition of my novella Look for Me Under the Rainbow has been released on Amazon. Oh, happy day! Happy was also May 22 when my copies were released by Croatian customs and arrived at my home!

Celebration! And then frustration!

Boring and long frustration just like all those GDPR notifications piling up in our mailboxes. I must admit guilt on my account too for sending you my Privacy Policy. Did you read it? Oh please, tell me you did because we take great care of your data and privacy protection so you can safely browse my website and feel as good there as in your home.

Thanks to the new EU legislation and everyone NOT being prepared for it I spent a great majority of my time studying it instead of with my books.

As if this wasn't enough, I had an emails exchange with Amazon about my reviews which, thankfully, ended well and had painful few days while updating my Microsoft Office and reinstalling my Windows.

Let's conclude this May chronicles with some good news. Look for Me Under the Rainbow was in the finals of AllAuthor cover contest for May and it ended up ranked #6! Not bad at all considering I entered the contest with one day and 140 votes delay!

Look for Me Under the Rainbow has also been approved in the YA and Middle-Grade Book Category of the TCK Publishing 2018 Reader’s Choice Awards so please follow this link and browse to page 12 where you can cast your vote for it! Wouldn't it be a great thing to do after reading this post?



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Look for Me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan

Look for Me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan on AllAuthor

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