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First Ebook, Now Paperback!

I am thrilled to announce that my paperback edition of Look for Me Under the Rainbow has been launched on May 9, 2018!

You can get your copy on Amazon at the special launch price of $6.43 only during May before the price goes up. My ebook will be available for $2.99.

I like my ebook cover, but paperback looks even better! Don't you think so too? Mario Kožar from MKM Media did a splendid job! If you like his style and how he does my book covers, visit his website and shoot him a message.

Speaking of book covers: As you know, Look for Me Under the Rainbow is competing for Cover of the month May in AllAuthor contest. Being enrolled a day later than other books, it is ranked #6 with 105 votes. If you think it deserves a better rank, please vote for it now and tell your friends to do so too. If you've already voted, don't worry, you can vote again because it's the new round of the contest. Thanks!

Here is a little something from me to you, a short random excerpt from my book Look for Me Under the Rainbow.

Jon woke up and remained motionless. Not only because he felt an icy stab of fear when he noticed Danny had disappeared, but also because of the scene that surrounded him. Scattered icebergs floated wearily in the sea, the sky clear and bright like a sincere smile—only instead of a smile, the sun shined cheerfully. Best of all, the black no longer stained the ocean. Gone, as if it never existed. The only traces were small black stains on the edge of the ice floe and Jon’s fur, still almost completely coated in the oily substance. But he could not enjoy the beauty of the scene because Danny was missing which brought the realization he was alone. That frightened him more than anything. The silence surrounding him made him uneasy and he felt panic rising in his throat.


You can get my honest and moving novella A World Without Color for only $0.99 as ebook and $5.99 as paperback.

Cover design by Mario Kožar MKM Media

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Look for Me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan paperback cover

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