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A World Without Color

Look for Me Under the Rainbow

January River

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Postcards From Beyond Reality: The Selected Poems of Michael Daniels

  • Writer's pictureBernard Jan

In Memoriam: Marcel

I absorb into my memory your big, yellow-green and somewhat tired eyes, knowing that a little longer, a little bit longer, and their flame will disappear. Although they will still be open, they will no longer watch me, nor will I see them. Never again....

How much longer will I miss you? How much longer I will love you?

If there is forever, then forever it is.

A World Without Color is a story of my one and only cat Marcel. As true as life can be.

If you ever felt and loved deeply, this is the story for you. A memoir of everything you experience if you are not afraid to love unconditionally, completely.

Those of you with your own stories will understand what I am saying. Those of you who are still considering or have just started to write their stories, don't be afraid to love. Spread it and embrace everything that comes with it. Because then it is real.

Please buy my book A World Without Color on Amazon or subscribe to my blog Muse to download it for free. Let's remember Marcel together. Thank you.

In Memoriam


April 19, 2006 – April 19, 2018

The dream refuses to give me forgiveness. I won't be granted mercy. I stay awake in agony while minutes tick by into the future.


A World Without Color by Bernard Jan and Marcel

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