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9/11 Never Fades

Some memories fade, but never the memories of you.

While the whole world is crumbling down under the destructive impact of the forces of nature and my heart is going out to the ones in need, the wounded, the homeless, the evacuated and those trying to survive, I cannot stop thinking of you.

You are in my heart and my mind like you were 17 years ago when you embraced me in your streets, parks and avenues, and 16 years ago when I cried with you over your wounds, and every year and day that followed.

I still remember and I always will.

From my previous posts about 9/11 New York City:

Fifteen years ago I've experienced one of the happiest moments in my life, with my feet landing and walking the streets of New York City. Only a year later, those very streets were flooded with blood and tears, resounding with the screams of agony of the wounded city after its lost children.

First there are lights of Manhattan across the Hudson River twinkling through the slowly setting young American night and the wind of approaching train in the subway. First there are the Twin Towers, majestic and high high high and big big big towering over you into the endless night and the colorful lights of the Times Square in a warm and pleasant September New York night.

My first time ever on the American soil. My first time ever in New York City. It is September 11, 2000.


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