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Angel's Nightmare Adventure

Those who have already read some of Angel Ramon's work (The Thousand Years War: The Trilogy and Janus: The Devil's Election) will undoubtedly expect in Angel's Nightmare Adventure short story the same amount of action and monster-mutants creatures. And they will be right. Angel invaded New York City with zombies and mutant-iguana-snake-spider-and-human-like creatures that crawled out of the Hybrid Corporation laboratories.

Angel's Nightmare Adventure is a story told from two different perspectives so it rather seems as two stories instead of one. The first part is about a teenager Angel who is getting ready for an oral operation and ends up in the hospital where he is chased by zombies and other nightmarish creatures, while the second part is about Louis, an NYPD officer who is stuck in a mansion in his search for survivors.

It is interesting to see how the author merges these two stories into one and, what I like in particular, a surprising end at the moment we think we figured it all out!

I would prefer that the author built the whole nightmare adventure on the zombies only, but monster-mutant-like creatures worked too in this laboratory induced combination of characters. This way the lovers of zombie and horror stories will both have their moments of pleasure and needed dozes of scare!


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