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The Force Behind the Written Word

In my previous post I have introduced you to photographer Zach Singh and Mario Kožar from MKM Media, the two people responsible for the beautiful cover of my soon-to-come-out novella A World Without Color.

I also promised to mention other people involved in its making because we all know, whether we are writers or not, that beside the face we enjoy looking at, each story must have something that runs and live beneath its skin: its blood, flesh, bones, its heart that pumps it alive.

Before the English version, there was a story in Croatian which came to life in 2008. These are the people whom I owe gratitude for their support and for making it happen: Ozren Ćuk, Tihana Hren, Jelena Boromisa, Anita Euschen, Aleksandra Hampamer, Goran Pavletić, the Croatian Ministry of Culture, Sonja Kunović, Saša Dujanović, my parents Ksenija and Dubravko, and all those who by their existence wrote these pages.

The crew working with me on the English edition is even more diverse. Those amazing and selfless individuals and professionals come from several countries and continents: Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Puerto Rico and Croatia!

Aldina Šćulac, Mirjana Ptiček and Irena Krčelić were my great home support and encouragement in my international endeavors. M.G. Wells, Victoria M. Patton, and Rebecca Gransden, along with the people I am yet to mention below, were my huge international encouragement, moral support and balance of sanity when my mind was projecting distorted images of reality.

My good friend and founder of Tom's Music Place, Thomas Carley Jr. from Oregon, was the first one to proofread my English manuscript, Philip Newey from Australia carried the biggest burden of editing it on his shoulders, while Kath Middleton from England double-checked my later and additional changes and corrections.

I cannot and must not forget to mention Kristina Pepelko from Michigan who helped me with my first query letters and website announcements.

My writing buddy Jonathan Hill from Manchester, England, a town whose soccer team I supported while David Beckham played in it, brushed my blurb to its final glaze and gave me many useful tips of an experienced indie writer.

Anita Euschen (you are here again, bro!) originally from Berlin but already long-time resident of Croatia, Bruna Rocha originally from Brazil but now enjoying the Croatian sun as well as my fellow writer originally from Italy but now living in Ireland Dario Cannizzaro were stuck with me in my formatting nightmare and were looking for and providing answers to my never ending questions!

And finally comes my Angel, his full name being Angel Ramon Medina, founder of the Hybrid Nation and my Puerto Rican friend and manic writer, who patiently guided me through all my slow and painful baby-steps in this three months long self-publishing journey.

Those are my people, this is the force behind the written words of my novella A World Without Color you will read soon. Please follow them!


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A World Without Color by Bernard Jan

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