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Twitter Lists

I thought I was going to write a short blog on PASSION this weekend but instead ended up doing my Twitter lists.

Two days of listing people I like and follow into 16 categories, and I am still not nearly done. Actually, it is hard to tell how many of them are left to be listed because there seems to be an endless scroll bar on the right side of the screen; let's say I am done with one-third of them.

Doing my lists is thus scheduled for the upcoming days until I am completely done. In time I may break down some of these categories into smaller and more detailed ones, depending on how much time I will be able to steal from my reading, writing blogs, networking.

There is an upside to this whole thing of organizing my Twitter account (beside the one just mentioned). While going through all these profiles I remind myself how cool and neat some of them are and how I am happy to be connected with these people. So doing my Twitter lists, despite taking so much of my time, is something I like and enjoy doing and I do it with joy and PASSION.

If you want to be added to one or more of my lists, please check the lists and let me know. I will be happy to do that for you!


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