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Goals in 2016

I am very happy to announce that we all did it! My goals with my friends and followers on my social network platforms for 2016 have been achieved 24 days ahead of schedule!

This is how we did it on LinkedIn: 2,509 connections (goal: 2,500), Goodreads: 1,005 friends (goal: 1,000) and Twitter: 1,511 followers (goal: 1,200-1,500).

I am a bit disappointed that my Promocave account is still not working properly and I am not able to interact with anyone there. So if someone tried to reach me, I am sorry for not being able to get back to you, it was really not my fault. I could not get to my dashboard and administer my account due to unresolved technical problems.

Nevertheless, we all did the great job and I am very very grateful to all of you! Thanks a million!

With the coming of the new year let's set ourselves even higher goals and make it better, because we can! We can be better friends and business partners, we can be better connected, we can be better followers and we can have better fun together! The whole new year is in front of us and despite the issues and unhappy situations which we will undoubtedly encounter, let's make the best of it!

All the best to each and every one of you, may all your wishes and plans come true!


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