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Cruel Summer – First Review

On October 25, 2016, my novel Cruel Summer (Okrutno ljeto in Croatian), still only in the form of a manuscript and unpublished in English, got its first review!

Cruel Summer was reviewed by Angel Ramon Medina, the 26 years old author from Brooklyn, New York, who currently resides in Salinas, Puerto Rico. Angel is the author of The Thousand Years War Series (The Thousand Years War, Framed: The Second Book of the Thousand Years War Series and Revenge of the Gloobas: The Third Book of the Thousand Years War Series) as well as Angel's Nightmare Adventure. He is also the founder of The Hybrid Nation.

Please visit The Hybrid Nation or go to LinkedIn to read Angel's review. Or, if you prefer watching it, check Angel Ramon's YouTube channel!


Okrutno ljeto by Bernard Jan

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