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Choices: Don't Leave Me

Despite a disclaimer “This video shows images that some people may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.” on the brand-new powerful music video “Don't Leave Me” by Moby & The Void Pacific Choir, I think that everyone should see it.

For far too long we have been turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the world around us, and simply because we chose to ignore it, it does not mean it doesn't exist or will go away. The truth is out there and one day we will find it, we may think, but the truth is everywhere around us. We don't see it only because it is hidden from us or we chose not to see it.

It is so simple: the choices we make in our everyday lives, the things we do (or not) for others, define the world we live in. The capacity for goodness of a human species is so powerful that it can switch our reality from hopelessness and desperation to an utopian realm of paradise for every one of us and every creature we share this one life with.

We are the only obstacle. We are the cause and we are the change. With every breath and every bite we take, by spreading our comfort zone onto others and the world that surrounds us. Not excluding anyone, even the tiniest miserable creature that crawls on this planet.

I don't need to tell you or anyone what to do. We are intelligent and compassionate creatures and we can make choices. We can fortify our hearts in goodness and do the right things. Or we can turn our heads the other way and pretend again that bad things are not happening. That they will disappear because they have nothing to do with us, because we are not accountable. Well, this is also our choice. But in that case, I am afraid, this world will be lost for us.

Please watch this video. And do something about it. Little choices we make today can mean the world to someone out there.


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