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Thank you for reading my blog Muse and spending your time with me!

Thank you for letting me share what I love with you, because there is no greater joy than to share what you love with those who appreciate it.​

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A World Without Color

Look for Me Under the Rainbow

January River

Cruel Summer

Postcards From Beyond Reality: The Selected Poems of Michael Daniels

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The Three Pillars

As the final touch is being done on my web page, I would like to thank three people who are most responsible for its coming to life.

Thomas Carley Jr. If you weren't so persistent and bugged me enough to publish my work online, I wouldn't be here now. Thank you for going against me for days, weeks, months – with smaller breaks in between – and thank you for (proof)reading my books and for teaching me and showing me how to edit while letting me to practice on Tom's Music Place. That was the encouragement, self-confidence and knowledge I needed to start this project.

Aldina Šćulac. Hope the English-speaking people will be able to pronounce your name! Even if they have trouble saying it out loud correctly, I am sure they won't have any trouble enjoying this page that you've put on its feet. Thanks for doing the groundbreaking work, when we had nothing but the idea in mind of the simple and clean page we were about to create, for explaining me things I couldn't grasp until the early morning hours, no matter how easy they turned out to be the following day!

Kristina Pepelko. There were probably moments when you hated me for pestering you with my emails, sending you query letters and texts for your proofreading over and over again. I was a pain in the neck, I humbly admit, but your feedback and comments were so in the place, logical and helpful, that all seemed much more clear and lucid after you've had your saying!

You, guys, are the three pillars of this page, and yes, we did it!


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