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Ekrem, Ejmen and Ejhem

There is that special moment in time, when once in a while a brief encounter leaves a mark on you and your future decisions in life. That kind of moment happened to me on September 20, 2015, when on the border crossing Harmica I briefly met and talked to Ekrem, Ejmen and Ejhem, three teenagers from Syria. Those three brothers have left their home without their parents in with war devastated Aleppo, fleeing with other refugees for safety to Europe in order to continue their education and find a job.

Each time has its heroes, and I choose Ekrem, Ejmen and Ejhem to be my heroes of this unprecedented refugee crisis and humanitarian catastrophe.

Boys, if you ever read these lines by some miracle, remember a guy with a shirt on the Croatian-Slovenian border. I would love to get in touch with you again.

May Sweden fulfills all your hopes and dreams.

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