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The actual book is superb. The writing itself is strong and fluent. Despite the delicate subject matter, the author has avoided being over-sentimental, and we are presented with a rather gritty reality, which will certainly appeal to any intelligent reader. In short, this is an excellent book – professionally and intelligently written from an unusal angle.



Every so often, I come across a book that is so profoundly moving and (despite the troubling events) the ‘telling’ takes your breath away!!’ Look for Me Under the Rainbow’ by Bernard Jan is such a book!! There is a poetic flair, use of words, and extraordinary images-all, ever so carefully, woven together- that will whisk you into a vortex of both delight and angst!

From that very first sentence, I was ALL in! It begins with a mama seal trying to birth her pup…(‘making her breaths her unborn’s own’-paraphrased). It is here that I, to say the least, was beyond impressed, because Jan’s description of the labor and ultimate birth had me completely in awe!!!

I so greatly appreciated Jan’s use of legendary tales to explain nature (much like legends of environmental phenomena told and retold by cultures across the globe-absolutely brilliant). Danny, the seal pup listens as his mama explains how the glaciers were formed-teardrops that froze-I’ll stop here with this and allow YOU to discover the ‘telling’ on your own!

Danny has much to learn about the many dangers that nature’s creatures are faced with on a constant basis. He listens carefully.

Then, the killing begins…can Danny be saved? What happens to mama?



By Anna Casamento Arrigo, July 18, 2022, published on Goodreads, 5/5


A powerful read.

A compelling, thought-provoking story, that affected me deeply. A must read for animal lovers and those who strive for a better world for all the creatures that dwell here with us.

Beautifully written with such vivid imagery that I felt I was travelling alongside young Danny, and his younger brother, Jon. The young pair become separated from the adult harp seals and other pups who were leaving their birthing grounds to head northward to Greenland. They encounter stormy weather and the inhospitable nature of the open ocean, and the dangers that await them.

Bernard Jan, has successfully narrated this difficult subject, combining the right amount of truth and dramatization to bring this important message home: the culling of baby harp seals is a despicable crime against nature. Bernard has encapsulated so succinctly one of the worst examples of cruelty toward a species in human history. The selfish greed of nations who buy into this exploitation for profit. It is this mindless destruction of an innocent being that is so incomprehensible, and wicked. We must never forget this annual atrocity that takes place on the ice floes when harp seals are born, clubbed to death in their thousands and skinned for their soft fur when they are but a few weeks old.

We must all have a burning desire too, just like Rainbow Warrior Helen has, to turn this annual cull into a thing of the past and bring an end to the killing for good.

Recommended read: lest we forget.

By Jane Wood, September 21, 2021, published on Goodreads and Amazon UK, 5/5


Look For Me Under The Rainbow is a real tearjerker of a novella. Bernard Jan begins his story from the point of view of a curious young seal pup, Danny, learning about life on remote ice floes. The character of Danny is obviously anthromorphised to a certain extent, but I felt this was done sensitively and the effect is absolutely worth the slight suspension of disbelief required of me as a reader. Danny's mother teaches him about the natural predators and dangers he might encounter during his lifetime, but she is still so severely traumatised from a past encounter with humans that, despite his repeated pestering, she cannot even discuss all the possible dangers from this one potential threat.

The novella is intended for a younger audience so Jan does not go into graphic details of the ghastly seal hunts that inspired him to write this book as a protest against them. Greenpeace action last century brought the cruelty into the global spotlight, but the practice still continues so I feel that Look For Me Under The Rainbow is equally as a relevant a read today as it was on its publication over 25 years ago. Perhaps even more shocking to me though was Danny's encounter with abandoned plastic fishing nets. Reducing oceanic plastic pollution is very much the fashionable campaign of the past few years. Danny's heart-breaking story demonstrates how late we are in realising the reality of our carelessness.

By Stephanie Jane (Literary Flits), December 25, 2020, published on Goodreads; December 26, 2020, published on Amazon UK; December 27, 2020, published on Literary Flits; November 21, 2021, published on HirlGrend, 4/5 


This beautifully written story is heart-felt and captivating. Great characters, especially Danny, the seal pup. A moving, emotional plot that keeps you turning pages to the very end. We need more books like this.

By Cody Pelletier, November 4, 2020, published on Amazon and Goodreads, 5/5


A short, yet deeply profound story that easily catches your attention once you let yourself flow between the pages. A story that transcends into a never ending fight between the good and the bad, between the urge for destruction that comes from a need to survive and the need for balance; between the greed and the will to do good, even if you simply do small things. It teaches you a simple, yet everlasting lesson about the power of understanding the world we inhabit, the world we all consume and use too much, in most cases not really paying attention to the damage we are doing in the process: that we, as humans, tend to give ourselves too much of an importance and let ourselves destroy and kill more than we actually need. If you pay attention to the words, this short story (thats my only complaint about this book. I see you, Bernard) can be used as a metaphor for a much wider world than of a colony of seals on the remote icebergs: it tells the story of our planet in general, and the constant battle between the balance and exploitation, the empathy we lack for nature and the wildlife that coexists with us, not below us: that animals see, smell, taste and feel, just like we do and that we can break their hearts just the way we break each others.

By ShadowBearer, September 14, 2020, published on Goodreads, 5/5


A book filled with heart and love for all living things, I found the book touching and inspirational! The author's sincere character is embedded into each & every word!

I highly recommend this book and give it five stars!

By S. Richard, November 6, 2019, published on Goodreads, 5/5 


Look For Me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan is an incredibly passionate eye-opening reading experience, which has stayed with me long after I finished the last page. It is a thought-provoking tale which highlights the plight of the Harp Seals and what we humans inflict on them every year. I hadn’t realised that seal hunting still continues to this day- I honestly thought it was abolished decades ago- so I learned quite a bit, not only from the story- but also from my investigation into the topic on the internet.

The story follows Danny the Harp Seal who is one of the seasons ‘new’ pups. He is inquisitive, playful, and trusting. I though Bernard Jan was quite clever in the way he used Danny to tell the story, getting us (the reader) invested in him and the outcome of his story, and thereby really making his message hit home.
There are confronting, heartbreaking scenes which were quite intense. It definitely drew an emotional response from me. It highlights the best and worst of humanity- as well as encouraging us to be better stewards of our planet. While the story embraces environmental activism, animal rights, and bringing awareness to this shocking practice- it is all woven around a really well-written and emotive story.
Well worth the read!

Thank you, Bernard Jan!

By Angela Hayes, October 17, 2019, published on Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, Angie’s Books to Read, Pinterest and Twitter; October 18, 2019, published on Amazon Australia, 5/5 


When I read the blurb for Look for Me Under the Rainbow, it caught my interest. I wasn’t expecting the feelings that this book evoked. I felt everything from joy to horror to sadness.

I will admit, I went into Look for Me Under the Rainbow with a certain mindset. I thought that it was going to be a children’s book about a young seal pup named Danny and his adventures. Well, that isn’t the case. Instead, I got a book that showed exactly how hard a harp seal’s life is and the dangers they face.

Danny was a great main character. His curiosity and innocence were what I expected from a harp seal pup. The questions he asked were what I expected a child to ask. But, like all children, Danny disobeys his mother, and there are consequences.

The harp seal pups slaughter was horrifying. I had thought that clubbing them to death had ended. The other horrors that the author described (being skinned alive and left to die) made me sick to my stomach. I kept thinking to myself, “How is that humane??? They are babies!!!” I cannot believe that this is allowed. That is when my horror turned to outrage.

The author also showed what the seals went through if they survived the slaughter. Everything from natural enemies (killer whales and polar bears) to human-made hazards (oil spills to nets left floating in the ocean). It was heartbreaking.

I liked that the author showed that people are trying to do the right thing. The Rainbow Warriors and Helen tried to stop the slaughter. How they did it was smart. I wouldn’t have thought to do that!! But those activists are only a small handful of people. More people need to help.

Look for Me Under the Rainbow is a short book, actually a novella. Marketed towards children, I was a little iffy about the age range on this. I decided on Tween because I felt that the younger kids could be traumatized by the descriptions of the seal pup slaughter.

The end of Look for Me Under the Rainbow wasn’t a happy one. But it wasn’t a sad one either. It was an eye opening one.

By Jolie, August 23, 2019, published on Amazon, Read with Me, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble, 5/5


I loved this book from beginning to end. It really hit you in the feels. Danny was such a lovable "character" (he's a seal), and his mother was great too. They are both such innocent creatures...they know the power mankind holds over their lives, which is why his mother instructs him to never go near one.

The worldbuilding and descriptions are basically spectacular. As other reviewers have mentioned, I became lost in the icy world the author created. I usually really love descriptive settings and the sort, and this was no exception.

It really hits upon animal cruelty, and, despite being in the Young Adult genre, it really has a special kind of ending. Honestly, I would have this book in schools everywhere, because it really teaches people (and kids) the cruelties of humans. Of course, some people make their living and must kill, but most of it is for no reason, and just invading animals' ecosystems and habitats. I liked that it showed the terrible facets of mankind yet also the good.

The story as a whole and Danny reminded me of Bambi.

Highly recommend the book!

By John-Clement Gallo, June 17, 2019, published on Amazon and Goodreads, 4/5


Look for Me Under the Rainbow allowed us to see seals as more than cute creatures that bark, eat fish and swim really fast. Yes, they are animals but so are humans. Bernard Jan pointed out seals and humans have much more in common than we realize.

We each fear for the safety of our children. We are their protectors. We also both play and hunt. We love. And, we both mourn our losses.

Seals, like every other living creature, should be treated with respect. We should NEVER hunt for sport or harm an animal for some ridiculous prize.

Bernard Jan pointed out that humans cause waste and destruction. I agree. He also said the seals in the story feared ‘man’ and I can see why. Animals are hunted, waters polluted, and their homes are taken away from them. This has to stop. I encourage everyone to read past the end of this book. READ the author’s note. Get involved. Become a RAINBOW WARRIOR. Protect all animals.


Because they have rights too.

By Kam, May 30, 2019, published on Amazon and Goodreads; June 1, 2019, published on Kam’s Place, 5/5


This is a sad and beautiful story. When the family gathers together they share a legend about a rainbow. Danny is a cheerful seal who will get a dangerous experience.

By Kristina Gallo, May 25, 2019, published on Amazon, 5/5


Look For Me Under the Rainbow: A Novella by Bernard Jan is a beautiful story that speaks about the importance of protecting the treasures of planet Earth and thereby saving the environment. Danny, a harp seal pup, looked at the vast expanse of water stretching out endlessly between the giant icebergs. His mother told him he was too small to go swimming and Danny understood that it was dangerous for baby seals in the water. His mother told the story of the Big Seal and about the Big Land where there were more seals. She also told him about the multi-colored rainbow that appeared after icy rain and how it disappeared. She told Danny to be careful of the dangers lurking around them. Will Danny run into the most dangerous of them all, Man, and see the ice become red?

Set against the backdrop of glaciers, ice, and seals, the book introduces readers to the Rainbow Warriors, an environmentalist group whose mission to save animals takes them to Greenland, the land of snow and ice. The book will make readers respect animals and help them realize how important it is to live with animals in peace. Helen, through her work with the Rainbow Warriors, exposes the cruelty and brutality of the humans who try to kill these seals. It is a beautiful story that will tug at the hearts of all readers who love animals and who want to protect them and the environment. Danny's character is memorable and he will leave a mark in the hearts of readers long after they finish the book. Helen's love and compassion for animals are palpable and many readers will be able to connect with her feelings and love towards animals. The book also captures the beauty of Mother Nature in many ways, inspiring readers with a longing to protect the planet.

By Mamta Madhavan, April 30, 2019, published on Readers’ Favorite and Barnes & Noble, 5/5


I believe they the author has a great love for all animals. With the gift of writing about them as soul mates from the heart. Anyone who lived in the 60s and 70s saw this type of event unfold and watched tv clips with years in our eyes, thinking how can people be so evil. The book was great at telling the story from the victim s point of view. Thank you.

By Nora Roberts fan / Barbara Vasconcellos, February 18, 2019, published on Amazon; May 5, 2019, published on Goodreads, 5/5


As I read this beautifully written story of seal pups and their plight, I wondered about the age of the audience. Near the end, I decided it could be for any age from 8-year olds to elderly. I am so grateful to the author and all the others who have fought so hard to save beautiful creatures from being clubbed to death.

By Raven, February 3, 2019, published on Amazon, 5/5


I loved this short story about a sweet young harp seal who faces both adventure and loss despite being so young. This is a gentle, but realistic tale about the life many seals face out in the wild - with humans being their most feared predator. While sad in parts, I found this story to be very though-provoking and encouraging. If only we can stay brave and true to ourselves even when the darker parts of the world show us their horrible faces.

By Sara Flower Kjeldsen, January 24, 2019, published on Amazon Canada and Goodreads; July 7, 2021, published on Sara Kjeldsen Writes, 5/5


When I first saw this advertised I was immediately drawn to it. As a child, I loved stories about animals and fell in love with the likes of Watership Down, Tarker the Otter, Ring of Brightwater, etc. and Look For Me Under the Rainbow certainly falls in among these greats. You get to follow the life story of a little seal pup, called Danny, and see the world through his eyes right from the moment of his birth.
However, that is not to say that this book is entirely fiction. Most people will have, at some point in their lives, seen the horrifying, heart breaking photos/videos of seal pup slaughter, of how they are beaten to death for their fur. This book holds nothing back and will challenge the reader to face the cold, hard facts of the destructive power of man, but it will also provide hope that we can reverse the tide. We can, if we pull together, change the future of this planet and the animals in our care, as long as we maintain hope and faith in our own humanity. Bernard Jan’s kindness, compassion and Rainbow Warrior spirit shines through with every word, and his experiences with Green Peace are a worthy example to all.

Really can’t recommend this book enough, though I would caution you to keep a box of tissues on standby.

By Johanna Sarah Aldridge, January 10, 2019, published on Amazon UK and Goodreads, 5/5


Look for Me Under the Rainbow was a serious, sad story indeed and made the kids cry in parts. It is realist though. Danny is the adorable harp seal pup and Helen is an environmentalist who is on a mission to save animals from ruthless killers. It is well written and teaches kids and adults to protect helpless animals from those who kill defenseless animals for money or sport.

By Max Grande, December 18, 2018, published on Goodreads, 5/5


I've been following the author of this book, Bernard Jan, for about a year, but I hadn't read any of his written works previously. When my shiba inu passed away earlier this year, someone reminded me to get a copy of Look for Me Under the Rainbow: A Novella as it would provide some comfort and offer a few ideas about the life of animals outside what we know. I purchased a copy last month and added it to my TBR once I was ready to deal with the concept of a wonderful animal passing away.

Jan offers an emotional tale of beloved mammals of the sea. We love looking at them sitting on ice-bergs or watching them dive into the frozen ocean playing around with others of their kind, yet we also get angry when people hurt them for the pleasure of a kill or to make money off their bodies. The author's created a family of amazing and gentle creatures who appeal to our hearts as we see what happens when a sibling is killed or a parent dies. Danny's mom tells him to look for the rain-bow when death approaches whether it be a killer whale, evil poachers, or something even more nasty. She's a mom to all of us in many ways.

In a short work, Jan has provided an intense connection filled with love, fear, bonds, and touching moments we can easily translate as humans. From oil spills to getting caught between the ice, we understand the struggles of animals who can only do so much to protect themselves or their young. It's not unlike our own reality as humans, but at least we are rarely hunted down and brutally mutilated just for the fun of it. 

Without getting into any gory details or making it uncomfortable, Jan has truly shown a different side of life in the ocean. Death is never easy. Loss is profound. Through wonderful imagery, lyrical text, and strong emotions, he's got a winner with Danny's story. I look forward to reading another of his novellas in the future.

By James J. Cudney, September 16, 2018, published on Goodreads, This Is My Truth Now and Amazon, 5/5


I read this book with a feeling of sadness, rage, and the admiration. Here is more humanity in animals than in some people in the reality. As a big fan of nature, I support protection of animal's right. If Danny was a human he would teach us many things, how to respect the rules of nature and to be less selfish.

The oil stain in the sea, killing animals for hunting, all are signs of human's selfishness. Even I did not read much of this genre before, this author made me like it. Thanks.

By Kristina Gallo, September 14, 2018, published on Goodreads, 5/5


Bernard Jan alzó su voz en 1992 con esta novela, “Look for me under the rainbow”, otra forma más de denunciar la terrible situación a la que se enfrentaban las focas en Terranova, Canadá. En ese momento, su humanidad despertó, y a través de esta obra busca que otras personas puedan seguir su mismo camino.

La forma elegida para dar forma a este proyecto es a través de un cuento aparentemente infantil, donde el lector se encontrará con Danny, una joven foca que está dando sus primeros pasos en el mundo. Y como toda la juventud, este siente una gran curiosidad por todo lo que lo rodea. De este modo, al humanizar a las focas, Bernard Jan consigue romper la barrera que lo separa del lector, conectando con esa inocencia perdida, la de la época en la que todos hacíamos preguntas, al igual que Danny.

“Look for me under the rainbow” es una novela sencilla y emotiva, muy recomendable no solo por la historia, la veracidad y los sentimientos, sino por su esencia, la que invita a reflexionar y a cuestionar el mundo en el que vivimos. Imprescindible.

By J. S. Roy, August 31, 2018, published on Amazon Spain and Google+, 5/5


Inspired by the journal of Helen, an animal activist aka “Rainbow Warrior”, on a mission to protect as many animals as she can, the author takes us on another emotional journey. After reading 'A World Without Color' by the same author, I knew this was a book I had to read. The writing style of the author remained as beautiful as I knew it was, honest, poetic and full of emotions.

This time the author tells us about Danny, a harp seal pup, his parents and brother Jon. This could have been a happy story about all the funny stuff a seal pup could do, right? But no, unfortunately, due to the man’s ignorance and greed this is a really sad story written though in a relaxing way. It is a story of life, love, existence, and humanity at both its worst and very best.

This is more than a novella, it is a cry for awareness and a call to action to anyone that wants to stop the slaughter of innocent creatures. In time, many organizations, and individuals, including the author, have been actively united forces and did what they could to slow down the annihilation and ease the tragic destiny of these adorable, innocent creatures. We are being offered with a set of links of different organizations that if any one of us that it's not a member yet and wants to join. The message of this book was honest, sincere and it truly moved me.

By Nico J. Genes, August 26, 2018, published on Amazon and Goodreads; December 12, 2018, published on, 5/5


A unique book that charts the importance of the Rainbow Warriors through the point of view of a seal. The novella reminded of a children's fable meshed with the dark reality of man. Tinged with pathos and hope, this is recommended reading for way into an important viewpoint.

By David Sharp, August 8, 2018, published on Amazon and Goodreads, 4/5


I liked the following three things about this novella:

Firstly, this story almost brims over with beautiful language. It has been long since I read such an incredibly well-written story. Few writers possess such advanced writing skills. Mr. Jan definitely belongs to the top league of authors.

Secondly, “Look for Me Under the Rainbow” possesses a great and essential message. What is it? Well, you will find out when you read the novella.

Thirdly, this story contains suspense as well. That made me read the story faster and faster.

My only point of criticism would be the fact that at a certain point, I failed to know where the story was heading. I lost its thread. Nevertheless, because of its imperative message and the amazing way Mr. Jan wrote it “Look for Me Under the Rainbow” is still a bodacious book, which I recommend both teens and adults to read.

So, congratulations on an outstanding job, Mr. Jan. I liked this novella a lot, and look forward to reading “A World Without Color”.

By Edvin Palmer, July 27, 2018, read the whole review on Goodreads, Goodreads blog and; August 16, 2018, watch the whole review on YouTube, 5/5 


Look for Me Under the Rainbow: A Novella by Bernard Jan is a book that cannot leave you indifferent. This is a story that will go deep into the heart and soul. The human species sometimes can be very cruel to animals and literally exterminate certain species only because of arrogance and money.

This is a book that every reader needs to wake up hope that there are still people who do not want to destroy our world in which many animals live and that they will fight for the salvation of animals. If we destroy the animal world and this beautiful place where we all live, what we will remain for as, perhaps desolation and emptiness. In which, no man will no longer be able to find their place.

By Stjepan Varesevac Cobets, July 24, 2018, read the whole review on Amazon, Amazon UK and Goodreads, 5/5 


Look for Me Under the Rainbow is a short story about an environmentalist trying to save a seals life. Helen has to save Danny from the hunters and the ice.

While this book emphasized on the nature aspect of the world and how we are affecting animals and the living. It also touched on pure human emotion and how far one can go to protect an animal.

The literature took me on an emotional ride as we also follow Danny and his life reading along with his experience as a baby seal, his father and what he experiences growing up.

What I believe this book would have benefited from was for it to be longer. The story takes off really smoothly and as an animal lover, I thoroughly enjoyed the perspective of an animal being the protagonist of the story.

I believe anyone that enjoys nature and animals would like reading this book. The author has potential in what he writes and I look forward to reading more from him.

By S. J. Mainon July 20, 2018, published on and Barnes & Noble, 5/5


Look For Me Under The Rainbow is a beautiful and timely evocation of life among the ice floes. We follow seal Danny and his family and their encounters with that most fearsome creature of all, man. You’ll be charmed and moved, and inevitably find yourself thinking about what we’re doing to the planet and the other life forms that share it.

By Mark Kirkbrideon, July 19, 2018, published on Amazon UK, 5/5 


Often in nature films and documentaries, we get an appreciation of how precarious life can be for wild animals and that we are all potentially in the food chain for some other animal. If you’ve ever seen the Orca whale tossing a seal in the air repeatedly, it is a brutal and disturbing scene, yet it is nature. Us humans are meant to be more controlled and ‘humane’ about how we manage our food sources and ancient legends cry out to us to respect the animals we kill and ensure that having done so we make as much use of the carcass as possible so as not to be careless and immoderate. We are, however, cruel, reckless and wasteful in how we hunt for food and clothing, and specifically how we fish our oceans discarding rubbish indifferently to the damage it causes.

Bernard Jan has provided us with a glimpse into 2 perspectives of life for the seal populations that migrate around Greenland. Firstly through the eyes on Danny a young seal pup and his adopted younger brother Jon, and then through the eyes of a Rainbow Warrior volunteer Helen. Both parties are told of legends and tales that relate in some respect to a Rainbow, how we should show respect to all living things, and how in our final moments we follow the rainbow.

The story is very well told and it is very clear before reading the authors bio that he has a vocational connection to animal preservation. Through the medium of this book and other communication channels, Bernard is also a strong advocate for wildlife protection and his love for animals is clearly apparent.

By Peter Donnelly, July 2, 2018, read the whole review on Goodreads and Amazon UK; July 2, 2018, read the whole review on Amazon; July 23, 2018, read the whole review on The Reading Desk, 4/5



Forgive any errors, I Can't see the screen I am so moved. I have read this in one evening, I couldn't put it down. Told by a seal family, the life of little Danny is an amazing fight for survival. I don't want to give too many spoilers but this book is worth every penny to teach humanity, love and compassion.

By Haley Belinda, June 23, 2018, published on Goodreads; July 16, 2018, read the whole review on Amazon UK, 5/5


Look for Me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan is a fairly short read at novella length that takes readers into an up close and personal look at the life of a seal pup names Danny. The majority of the story is told from Danny’s point of view but in the end it switches to a young girl named Helen who is fighting to save the wild animals.

I loved spending a bit of time looking at the world through Danny’s eyes right from the opening of the book. Anyone who has been around toddlers can relate to Danny’s poor mother answering the whys and hows of Danny’s endless questions as he starts out in life and grows.

As the story moved on so did Danny’s world with him getting little brother and his days with his protective and loving mother. Of course life is not all sunshine and roses in the life of a wild animal and eventually that makes it into the story too with Danny facing struggles that a seal pup would.

This was a wonderful little story with lovely writing that all animal lovers of any age would be sure to enjoy. The author also put forth a strong message of doing your part to save these and other beautiful creatures which I is a very positive message to be shared with all too.

By Carrie, June 19, 2018, published on Goodreads and Carrie's Book Reviews, 4/5


This is a beautiful, poignant story about an adorable baby seal named Danny. Although, toward the end, we also follow the human Greenpeace activist Helen, the bulk of the book is anthropomorphic, centered on Danny and his experiences. Like other great anthropomorphic books such as Bambi: A Life in the Woods, Black Beauty, and Watership Down, Look for Me Under the Rainbow immerses the reader in the animal hero’s life and opens our eyes to the cruelty of his world. There is beauty and joy here, too, and Jan does a wonderful job of painting the arctic landscape and the exuberance of a young seal.

I recommend this book for anyone who loves animals, enjoys a moving tale, or is interested in preserving our spectacular natural world and the creatures who inhabit it.

By, Shannon Bayless, May 23, 2018, published on Amazon and Goodreads, 5/5


This is a very touching novella about a pup seal name Danny who spends his days playing with his brother and learning life skills from his mother. It also brings out those with big heart and a desire to save animals: the environmentalists. Helen is a young activist and a crew member of the Rainbow Warriors and will lead the way in the last part of this very emotional journey.

This powerful story invokes all sorts of emotions and focuses on the many dangers Danny faces from birth on. The narration and dialogue are elegant and poetic, the presentation extremely graphic although not gruesome in anyways, definitely no need for pictures. No doubt, the author took a lot of care with this story to drive his points across.

Of course to shock us…..this story brings out some of the dangers Danny will encounter, such as: facing humans during the annual seal hunt, being covered in oil spills during the migratory season north, fighting for his life caught in derelict fishnets left behind by trawlers. The author does not mention the sea of plastic that also roam our oceans. Here come Helen, the saviour, she does her best to safe the young colony from the hunters and Danny from drowning but there is so much to do and little time to do it.

In the last chapters, Mr. Jan does his pitch on activism and has a strong voice about his believes although he abstains from being too preachy….. This is well written story for all ages.

I received a copy for review from the author these are my honest thoughts

By Toni Osborne, TOP 500 REVIEWER, May 21, 2018, published on Amazon Canada and Goodreads; August 9, 2018, published on Amazon and Amazon UK, 4/5


What a great story that brings wildlife and humanity together. I wanted more. More stories of the Danny and the relationships that he had. More of the backstory of Helen. 

The issue that is addressed in this novella is an important one as we see changes we cannot control and changes we can control happening each day on our beautiful Earth. The story definitely gave me a greater appreciation for the warriors who fight for positive change. 

The book was very good. I just wanted more of it. That’s why it gets 3 Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

By Brady, May 11, 2018, published on Goodreads, 3/5 


First of all, can we take a moment to look at how haunting and powerful this cover is. It took me a second to realise what was in the foreground, but once you do, you understand this story is going to be emotional.

And emotional it was. Following a young seal, this novella explores the mass killing of seal pups and the effects humans are having on the oceans. It’s an important read that highlights human greed and cruelty in an accessible way. It’s told from a seals POV, so you are fully immersed in their world and how humans affect it in the worst way.

This will leave you with a powerful message you won’t forget and the understanding that things need to change. If only more books were written exploring such themes.

By Adam Webling, May 9, 2018, published on Goodreads and The YA Literature Bookshelf, 4/5


Nicely written fairy tale that set you in motion to wonder as one, who has traveled to Icebergs. Lullaby for sweet dreams under the sky.

By Michael Hołda, May 7, 2018, published on Goodreads, 4/5  


This novella took a complete different path than I was originally expecting. That being said, it was brilliant. This story has so much potential to enlighten people on the corruption that humans are causing to this planet. This novella represents everything that I stand for. The author did an incredible job at bringing up this topic and thank you for sending me the copy!

By Chealsea Waizumi, May 5, 2018, published on Goodreads, 5/5


i was immediately drawn to the cover of this novella that popped up on my suggestions and being that it was free i thought why not so i read it one night recently. it is written in a way that is probably geared more so to younger readers and isn't as graphic as a lot of the stories i remember hearing in the news a few years back when this book was probably written, so it is safe and educational for all ages.

animals have always been hunted both by people and other animals, sometimes for food and survival, sometimes for sport. i remember there was a time where hunters were clubbing baby seals to death, some not even more than a few days old, just for their fur. while i will admit that i do eat meat, i would never purposely harm another living creature (not counting roaches and spiders or things like that) and i cant for my life understand why anyone would beat a helpless baby to death just for a teeny patch of fur. the rainbow warriors, which are animal rights activists mentioned in this story and the lady is part of, have worked hard to try to help prevent this from continuing. i am not sure if it is still as big of an issue as when this book was written, but just reading and learning more about the plight of the baby seals and what so many innocent creatures go through makes you really think about how precious life can be and i can only hope this doesn't continue. sad but moving story that was definitely worth reading.

By Robin, April 30, 2018, read the whole review on Goodreads, 4/5


Satisfying from beginning to end.

Bernard Jan writes with unique and captivating prose a journey of a harp seal pup named Danny. I enjoyed the adventure and was gripped until the very last page. Danny's tragic story of the danger of man was at first questionable, and then understood. Danny learned the hard way that humans are very different from other creatures.

While I don't agree with all of the author's points that he is sharing through this story, I can certainly agree that something needs to be done about the cruelty of certain individuals and certain groups. His call that we need to work together to seek change in the real world is a great action step for the betterment of animals, and mankind as well.

Great story, good moral underpinnings, and fantastic writing make this story not one to miss out on. I for one am glad that I picked it up.

By Jordan Ring, April 25, 2018, published on Amazon, 4/5 


Bernard Jan does a masterful job of describing the realms inside the mind of a curious harp seal pup. While I do not wish to spoil the outcome of this heartwarming story, you will most likely be deeply touched by the love of a mother and the dangers which lurk within their arctic lives.

This story describes precise details of the perils these seals face and the peaceful ways of the Rainbow Warriors, young activist crew of whose mission is to save animals.

I would highly recommend reading with your young children and provoking a discussion - promoting a change and a purpose in their curious minds. This is a great read for any young adult as it it well-written with an easy flow.

By Author Lori Armstrong, April 23, 2018, published on Amazon, 5/5


Wow this is a very powerful book that will invoke all sorts of emotions, I cried several times.

The author, Bernard Jan is so altruistic it makes me feel guilty that I don't do more...

The story itself is very sad but unfortunately true! As it happens all the time, I wish there was more that can be done to save the hunted creatures of this world, but I suppose people who do help tend to remain hidden so we don't actually know.

If I could I would give Bernard Jan 10stars out of five for his brilliant writing.


By carrie, April 19, 2018, published on Amazon UK, 5/5


Bernard Jan’s new release of “Look for Me Under the Rainbow”, is a rewrite of his book with the same title released in 1998. This new amazing version of Bernard’s story is a much more exciting, colorful, and family friendly story than depicted in the older version. This story is an insider’s view of the daily life of a baby seal named Danny, and his family. As Bernard draws you into Danny’s world, you are magically transported so deeply into this story that you can’t help but fall in love with Danny and his icy world. The story begins on the ice floes in the Newfoundland area of Eastern Canada then migrates north towards Greenland.

Bernard’s characters and their world leap to life! His technicolor descriptions create in-depth imageries so real that your mind will easily become lost in them. The imagery is so clear, so vivid, you can almost hear the ice melt. Although Danny succumbs to his treacherous world, there are no elaborate graphic descriptions of gore. “Look for Me Under the Rainbow” is appropriate for young adults and possibly younger. Bernard Jan’s masterful writing weaves an action packed, fast moving, smooth tale void of the distractions of grammatical or punctuation errors. The book is a clean production that is a pleasure to read and I recommend it highly. I personally enjoyed the book immensely!

Although, “Look for Me Under the Rainbow”, is a wonderfully sweet story, this book does have a purpose. Bernard Jan, being a human and animal rights activist, wrote this book to bring awareness of the climate change dangers and hunting cruelty that these innocent creatures, the harp seals and animals in general, face every day. This book is also a tribute to those who dedicate and risk their lives rescuing these beautiful animals through their work with the Rainbow Warriors and other animal rights organizations like them. This book is not a lecture or a recruiting tool. It is meant to broaden the awareness of the ramifications of climate change and the eventual extinction of a species due to genocide by cruel hunting methods. No matter where you stand on these matters, read the book!

By Tina Mari Combs, April 17, 2018, read the whole review on Amazon and  Goodreads, 5/5


This book was wonderful in more ways that one. The style of writing and language used was moving, touching and simply incredible! The plot itself was one that had me thinking of this novella for days, even after finishing it.

This book explores the greed and cruelty of humanity and how we as humans often oppress and harm those species we deem to be inferior to us, completely neglecting the fact that everyone can feel, whether they re animals or not. This book focuses on the murder of seal pups and how we simply cannot see to understand that these beautiful creatures have feelings too. We focus mainly on a small seal called Danny and how he too was affected by the avarice nature and acquisitiveness of humans.

Whilst reading this book, I was rather amused at the playful nature of the seals. Upon finishing the book, I was in tears and I was just stunned at the sheer intensity of the message that this book carries. The writing style was perfect- simply stunning. I also enjoyed the narration.

The message of this book was beautiful and simply stunning. It truly moved me and I can guarantee that I will be reading this again! We NEED more books like this one.

Read this book for it will change your life.

By TeaAndBooks, April 17, 2018, published on Goodreads, 5/5


The message is pretty straightforward. I liked how it was written from a seal's perspective, makes people think about what the animals, themselves, might be thinking.

The writing style is amazing, the narration is unique as it's a story from the animal's point of view.

This is a really good book with an awesome story and writing from an animal's perspective regarding people and the dangers and threats that humans can be regarding animals.

By Carlos I. Gomez, April 17, 2018, published on Amazon and Goodreads, 5/5


This book captured my attention from the beginning to end. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but after reading A World Without Color, I knew this was a book I had to read.

This book focuses on the many dangers harp seal pups face from birth to adulthood, including mankind’s cruelty. I was shocked at the facts and wasn’t fully aware that the slaughtering of these seals was still permitted. I found myself doing research online for hours afterward.

I’m genuinely glad I read this book. It’s difficult to use the word ‘loved’ or ‘enjoyed’ when describing how I feel about books with subjects such as this one, but it was intense, shocking, and a real eye-opener. Bernard Jan’s writing delivers such imagery that pictures aren’t needed. I cringed at times with some of the details, but it’s the truth that must be told so that more will be aware, and in turn we can discover how to help.

By Mischenko, April 17, 2018, read the whole review on Goodreads and ReadRentRock&Roll, 5/5


A poetic, realistic story of Danny, the adorable harp seal pup. Danny lives in a world of danger from the day he is born. His mother is loving and does her best to guide Danny away from the perils of their world. This is an important story about the need to leave innocent animals in peace to live their life. It is similar to what is unjustly happening to the poor, innocent people around the world. If our world is to change, we must live and let live and love unconditionally. Bernard Jan weaves a bittersweet tale. One I shall not forget anytime soon and one I suggest you share with your children, family and friends.

By Amazon Customer, April 17, 2018, published on Amazon, 5/5 


An extraordinary story by and 'extraordinary' author who has a strong passion for animals in a world where animals are not always protected and have to fear for their lives.

Bernard Jan adds a human touch to a group of harp seals that are bearing young in a land that should be theirs alone but mankind has invaded for negligent self-purpose. He speaks of a group of people known as GreenPeace and their efforts to protect the seals from annihilation.

A fantastic book that needs to be read by all including our young to prevent the extinction of animals here on earth. They deserve protection and a better life to be able to continue to survive.

God bless this author for taking the time and making the effort, from deep within his heart, to care!

By Starjustin, April 17, 2018, published on Amazon and Goodreads, 5/5


"Look for Me Under the Rainbow" is a beautiful yet tragic story about the plight of white harp seal pups. Danny, a young seal pup asks his mother about "man". "Man is dangerous", she says to him. Yet, he sees a woman with blonde hair approach him and touched his fur - she looks kind-hearted.

The journey that begins with Danny and his adopted brother Jon, as they make their way with the others to Greenland is filled with many, fear, loneliness and death.

The Rainbow Warriors are a group of people trying to protect the seal pups. Their love for these animals can be heart-breaking. Helen and Erwin feel the pain of Danny's death but will continue to search and rescue those in danger. Even the earth feels the pain of his loss....

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I'm grateful that Bernard shared his story for new readers. His attention to detail and the narration was amazing! As I read the dialogue between mother and son, those emotions of love and protection comes off the page! This is a beautiful 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ read and I encourage you to read it as well. It's a moving experience!

By Elaine Emmerick, April 17, 2018, published on Amazon, Goodreads and The Hybrid Nation


There's plenty of things that could be said about this novella, and its polarising topic. I'm tempted to go into details but I also want to avoid spoilers, which is very hard; but what I can say is that the author didn't shy away from telling a story as-is; he avoided falling into cliches which might have left the readers happier, but it would have diminished its message.

It's a tale of love and death, like all the important tales. These tales should be read in school, because too often there's a tendency to avoid the important things in order to protect our younglings; but those are the same younglings that will rule the world one day, and if we do want a better world, our job is not to shield them from the truth, but to show it to them; and with this in mind, Bernard Jan does a superb job, because his prose is poetic and enjoyable, and even the dark moments is has a special quality to it - the quality that comes with knowing that the power to change the world is in our hands.

By Dario, April 17, 2018, published on Amazon UKAmazon and Goodreads, 5/5


With a book of this kind, with anthropomorphism at the centre of the text, mawkishness is a potential pitfall. Overall, the text avoids this however, setting an exploratory tone from early on, and including the more brutal and pitiless aspects of an animal’s life in quite graphic and brutal detail. This book does not condescend to younger people. There is an agenda to the book, and it is one that is pro animal rights, but I don’t feel in a haranguing or preachy way, instead raising the necessary questions and leaving the reader to make up their own mind.

Some of the most successful passages of the book were, for me, those where the tension of the natural impulse to explore collided with the risk of straying too far. A constant feeling of menace and dread hangs over this novella, the characters subjected to abiding threats, a peril waiting unseen in the snowy landscape. There are some lyrical descriptions involving the natural formations of this world, and also regarding the precipice between life and death, that are very memorable.

A thought provoking read, to be especially appreciated by younger readers who want to explore the ethics surrounding environmental and animal rights movements.

By Rebecca Gransden, April 17, 2018, read the whole review on Amazon UK, Amazon and Goodreads, 4/5


An Author with Something to Say

When Croatian author Bernard Jan approached me and offered me an advanced reader copy of his upcoming novella, Look for Me Under the Rainbow, I was both thrilled and intrigued.

First, I was highly impressed with his first book, A World Without Color. Second, I was wondering if he could transition from writing a memoir to writing fiction.

No need to worry. He managed the transition effortlessly. They always teach us to brand ourselves as authors and to have a strong voice. Guess what? Bernard Jan has both. He truly cares about environmental issues and he is a true advocate of animal rights.

Indeed, he is an author with something to say. Something worth listening. A message for our times. A warning.

If A World Without Color was about the last weeks with his cat Marcel, Look for Me Under the Rainbow is about baby seals hunt for their fur. Like the first book, it is a tearjerker and not an easy read for those of us with sensibilities.

What he does right is personify these little creatures, give them personalities, myths and a culture. They feel not like animals but people. Another accomplishment is the author could have taken the easy way out and portrait all humans as ‘evil’. Nonetheless, he shows both sides, good and bad which encompasses humanity.

From the beautiful cover to the elegant prose bordering at times in poetic, you can tell there was lots of care into this narrative. This is the kind of story which will make you question why we hunt our fellow creatures.

Read this short novella because he has a strong voice, like a guilty conscience telling us to step away from our unawareness and do something. Anything to save and preserve our animals. His brand of animal activism and his message is welcome in our home libraries. Alas, it is also an indirect exploration of the human condition.

By Ingmar Albizu, April 15, 2018, read the whole review on, 9/10 and April 17, 2018, published on Amazon and Goodreads, 5/5


Every once in a while, an author comes along who wears their heart on their sleeve and pours it onto the pages of a book. If you haven’t read anything by Bernard Jan, you are missing an opportunity to feel his words to your very soul.

LOOK FOR ME UNDER THE RAINBOW begins as a sweet tale of innocence and love and wonder in the big world all around. Danny was born in an unforgiving environment, but for his kind, it was home, safe and filled with the awe of a young child learning at his mother’s side. It is the story of the love between two brothers and a dangerous quest to grow up and see the world too soon. (. . .)

This is a story of love, life and humanity at both its worst and very best. Danny is an endearing voice for both seals and animals threatened everywhere in this bittersweet story that is ageless and for all readers.

I fell in love with Danny and his exuberance, not unlike that of a human child and I found myself lost in this warm tale turned nightmare turned call to action for the world. Please, do NOT let the phrase “translated from…” scare you off, the translation is masterfully done without losing any of the impact of Bernard Jan’s words. Although a short read, it is long on heart, and beautifully told with a message for all people of all ages.

By Dii, April 8, 2018, read the whole review on Tome Tender Book Blog, 5/5


Another great book by this Croatian writer with a powerful message regarding conservation/animalprotection/environment. Certainly worth reading.

This book follows the story of a little seal pup Danny and his family and shows us the dangers that lurk out there for them. Not only in the form of natural challenges, but also very much so in the form of what we as humans throw their way. From the thoughtless killing of seal pups for their skins, just leaving their flesh to rot, to our fishing nets in which they can get tangled and killed.

A moving story, which also shows the heartache of the humans as part of the rainbow warriors, who try to do what they can to protect and save them.

Worth getting once it comes out.

By Joni Martins, April 1, 2018, published on Joni Martins blog; April 17, 2018, published on Amazon UK and Goodreads; August 28, 2018, read the whole updated review on Goodreads; August 29, 2018, read the whole updated review on Joni Martins blog and website, 5/5


I was really delighted to read the submission from Bernard Jan – Look for me Under the Rainbow is an unusual and truly inspired book. "Green issues" cannot be emphasized enough in our capitalist society, and it always pleases me to be reminded that writers are concerned about the future of our planet, as I am.


The actual book is superb. It tells the story of Danny the seal pup from his birth onwards, from his and his mother's perspectives. This really brings home to the reader the plight of hunted animals – they have enough to deal with due to natural predators, natural disasters and natural selection. The writing itself is strong and fluent, and altough I was unable to read the original Croatian version I suspect that the translator, Maja Soljan, has done Mr Jan's book justice. Despite the delicate subject matter, the author has avoided being over-sentimental, and we are presented with a rather gritty reality, which will certainly appeal to any intelligent reader.


In short, this is an excellent book – professionally and intelligently written from an unusual angle. I strongly recommend it for publication under the Minerva Press imprint.


By Ann Austin, Reader, Editorial Evaluation, Minerva Press, February 7, 1997


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