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Potraži me ispod duge on

After posting an excerpt and about my latest novel Okrutno ljeto (Cruel Summer) on, my novella Potraži me ispod duge (Look for Me Under the Rainbow) is now on Promocave as well.

For those of you who speak Croatian, you can check it here:

More je bilo mirno, neuobičajeno mirno. Čak su se i dubinske struje naoko umrtvile, ukliještene u nepomičnosti jutra što je svitalo. Rastuće bljedilo dana razbijalo je sve bljeđe plavetnilo noći, potaknuto slabašnim zrakama zubatog sunca što su se nastojale probiti kroz prozračni plašt od magle, satkan od najsitnijih kapljica isparenih iz utrobe mora i na hladnome zraku pretvorenih u pravilne kristaliće leda.

Magla se sporo kretala površinom mora mileći, klizeći, vukući se poput umornoga putnika i šireći se prema kopnu. Na mjestima bi se prorijedila, drugdje pak zgusnula otkrivajući na trenutak zasljepljujuću bjelinu kojom je bilo prekriveno gotovo cijelo kopno.

If you do not speak Croatian, here you can read the translated excerpt in English.

Thanks for checking me out!


The sea was calm, unusually calm, even the deep currents seemed to stand still, as if suspended in the hushed stillness of dawn. The blue darkness of the night sky was receding before the pale daylight that washed over the horizon, helped by the frail rays of the wintry sun that shimmered through a cloudy coat of fog. A coat woven out of the tiniest drops evaporating from the depth of the sea and turned, in the cold air, into small, regular crystals of ice.

The fog crept slowly along the surface of the sea, gliding, dragging along like a tired traveler, and spreading in the direction of the land. Thin in places, thick in others, occasionally it would reveal a glimpse of the dazzling, blinding whiteness that covered almost the whole land.

Potraži me ispod duge by Bernard Jan

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