My Goodreads Reviews Part 9

November 21, 2019

Here they are: My Goodreads reviews Part 9! Compiled for you in random order. Dig in and pick the books of your choice. Or just read them all and support these wonderful authors.


Owl Dreams, Magic Clogs, Get over your ex-lover, Delusion: Kiss me when I'm Dead, Inception


Owl Dreams by John T. Biggs


A blend of magic, mysticism, Native American folklore, crime, adventure, humor and mentally unbalanced and colorful characters makes this book a worthy read.


Magic Clogs by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets


If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a curious child, step into the magic clogs and tap them together. In his short tale Magic Clogs, Stjepan Varesevac Cobets will take you to a fairy tale place of magic, bravery, and purity of heart. Beautiful!


Get over your ex-lover by Kristina Gallo


I am not the best person to give advice on break-ups because I hate partings of all kinds and am too lost and emotional when I lose someone I care about and love. Luckily, Kristina Gallo wrote a short book with sane and logical advice what to do in similar, romantic situations.


Get over your ex-lover tells women (can be helpful to guys as well) how to cope with a hard break-up. It’s not easy, it never is, but it’s important to move on, keep your dignity, spare yourself and others new emotional pain, and let bygones be bygones.


I hope Kristina’s book helps many in its noble mission.


Delusion: Kiss me when I'm Dead by Wayne Clark


What would you do for the love of your life? Is there anything that could stop you to get her or him? Even if it means killing someone? Anthony didn’t choose ways and means to get Laura, not stopping to feed his obsession and paving the road to her heart with blood. Lots of blood! Exciting and murderous.


Inception by Victoria M. Patton


Two Chicago PD Detectives, partners and friends, a stakeout, and a secret to be revealed on the night of serving the arrest warrant to a suspect in the murder of three people. Exciting short story from the Damien Kaine Series.


Happy reading!




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