Blood Brothers

November 10, 2019

It doesn’t happen often that I finish reading one book in the series and can’t wait for another one as it’s with the Conspiracy Chronicles by teenage author Michael Evans.


Deadwave, the first book in the Conspiracy Chronicles turned me into a fan instantly. Sam, who faces the biggest challenge of his life to stay alive and becomes the best player on the planet by winning the Deadwave World Championship, a virtual reality zombie video game, in Blood Brothers faces even bigger challenge. To stay alive, he must keep his promise and kill his father in a mission orchestrated by an ultra-powerful secret organization of elites.


But Sam and his father have their own agenda. As Sam becomes a blood brother and the powerful member of the organization, will he be able to help his father in realizing his grand plan for his company Chimera? Will things go smoothly for Sam and what will happen to tens of millions of people living in virtual worlds controlled by Chimera?


Only a month after publishing Deadwave, a talented and prolific storyteller Michael Evans launches another fast-paced and super-exciting novel that takes us into the heart of a secret organization, its plots and ruthlessness in manipulating and sparing no one on its path to control and rule the world. Blood Brothers is a page-turner that will make you crave for more!




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