September 30, 2019

Breach. The third and the last Analog Novel by Eliot Peper is a worthy ending of the extraordinary technothriller Analog Series. Once again Eliot Peper proves his ingenious writing, giving us a strong heroine in ex-hacker Emily Kim, brilliant and intelligent dialogues and true gems—his descriptions I fell in love with ever since I’ve read his first book Uncommon Stock: Version 1.0 (The Uncommon Series).


Allow me to share three of Peper’s Breach gems with you:


“My dad told me this fairytale when I was little,” said Emily, remembering how his stories had been the soundtrack to her stargazing, polished by retelling until they were smooth pebbles in her heart.


The melancholy notes of a lone oud fell on her ears like raindrops. The gentle pressure of Nell’s touch was an ecstatic connection, two spacecraft docking after an interstellar voyage.


Diplomats are people who murder you politely.


Breach is the book to read, enjoy and cherish. Because of its story, because of Emily and because of the realistic insight into our future world ruled by algorithms and startups that rose into giants, global entities as powerful as the world nations.




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