Back to School Spotlight

August 3, 2019

Hey guys,


I’m featured in Back to School Spotlight–Teen/YA on Kimberly’s blog My Bookish Bliss! Awesomeness, right?!


Although, like me, you might probably have been out of school for years already haha, why don’t you read Kimberley’s short interview with me?


If you want to know what the inspiration was for my book Look for Me Under the Rainbow, how long it took me to write it, what made me decide to be a YA writer, if my main character was modeled from a real person, or what my favorite ice cream flavor is, this is the place where you’ll find it out!


Thanks for your attention and hope you like my answers!


Thank you, Kimberly!




Bernard Jan in Back to School Spotlight–Teen/YA


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