Broken Heart Attack

March 6, 2019

Have you already read one or both books from Braxton Campus Mysteries? If not, this is a good moment because James J. Cudney is about to release the third book from the series!


After finding a dead body on campus in Academic Curveball, the main protagonist of the series Kellan has the opportunity to solve a sudden death mystery in the second book Broken Heart Attack which happens during the King Lear play’s dress rehearsal. His grandmother’s friend succumbs to a suspicious heart attack, and Kellan and Nana D are ready to solve a possible crime.


This is a cozy mystery that will make you love it, not only because of its intrigue, strongly characterized and entertaining protagonists and another masterful cliffhanger, but also because of the genuine humour that keeps forcing the hearty laughter out of you. Nana D rocks even more than in Academic Curveball, and her relationship with her grandson Kellan is a pure fun and entertainment.


Broken Heart Attack is another book in which James J. Cudney proves himself as intelligent, skilful and humorous author ready to push boundaries. I have no doubt his third book Flower Power Trip from Braxton Campus Mysteries will be yet another success in the series.




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