What If It's Us

January 21, 2019



I need to pull myself together first. This book is a bomb, and it blasted me in all directions! Bursting with emotions, it kept me glued to its pages, feeding my new addiction.


Honestly, I don't remember when one book made me want to intervene and get actively involved in its story! Page after page it sucked me into the vortex of twists and turns, the irresistible lure of New York City, and two teenage boys who are too cute and too unfit to handle their affairs. And for that alone, for that crazy need to materialize myself in their imaginary and yet so realistic world and help them fix things, it deserves my respect and praise.


Arthur and Ben and Ben and Arthur are charming, but it would be unfair not to also give credit to their friends, parents and colleagues who made them as they are, and especially Dylan who almost stole the show!


This is a love story you must love! I can only thank the universe for this book and its authors Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera, in case you still don’t know who they are.


On a side note, What If It’s Us has a huge potential for a great movie with lots of smiles, grins and tears! I can’t wait!




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