Peace, Love, Empathy

December 22, 2018

These are the days when we are full of love and show more kindness than anytime during the year.


These are the days when we want peace and happiness to everyone, when we are ready to give getting nothing in return.


But these are also the days when we take the most. When we deprive others of their happiness and peace, when out of ignorance or lack of care we sit at the family table and take their lives.


Opening our hearts—to everyone—is important. We are so capable of grand and beautiful things and, truth is, we can live and be happy without taking from our animal families.


Please think before you choose your meal and show them mercy. Join me in honoring life and fill this world with kindness and love for everyone. Don’t let any animal be killed for our celebrations and festivities, we are all entitled to freedom and happiness.


My love to you and your beloved ones and every single creature that swims, flies, crawls and walks the earth.


Best wishes and happy holy-and-every-day!




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