Seduce Her with a Fist

November 12, 2018

What is the right way to love? To follow your heart and face the music, whatever the tune it may be, or to follow someone else’s expectations and fall victim of the norms of society?


If you are a young woman and in the “right age” to find a husband, this decision is even harder to make. A young heart burning with flames of desire can easily cave under pressure and make a wrong choice. Instead of prince charming who will become her husband, intelligent girl Valentina chooses Petar, a local hooligan who manipulates his way into her heart. After he uses her and shares sex with her with no emotions and promises for any kind of future and love, Valentina must deal with harsh consequences of her naivety.


The story of Valentina and Petar is Kristina Gallo’s story of an unhappy love that happened in Croatia in 1999. When love hurts because love is denied despite the high price you are willing to pay for a glimpse of fake happiness.




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