June 13, 2018

For the fans of video games comes another book from the Angel's Nightmare Adventure series! Angel Ramon blasts us to the past with the prequel Zero to Angel's Nightmare Adventure Amazon best-selling book, to the place and time where it all began. In Angel's Nightmare Adventure: Zero we are following again two parallel stories as we are led into the Clark Family Mansion in Upstate New York where the Raven Hawk Virus was first discovered.


Although GameLit is not among my favorite genres, I have to give Angel credit for keeping my attention and curiosity at full alert with a variety of human and human-made characters (zombies, dogs, snakes, web spinners, Polybius, Lizarda, flea drainers and other enemies of the human race) pacing through the stories as the battle for survival within the mansion culminates.


I won't reveal if there are any survivors of the Alpha and Bravo NYPD Special Forces team at the end of this story. The only spoiler you'll hear from me is that Angel's Nightmare Adventure doesn't end with Zero because Angel's Nightmare Adventure 1.5 is already available for pre-order!


Forgive me, I stand corrected. I have one more spoiler for you: both book covers for Angel's Nightmare Adventure: Zero and Angel's Nightmare Adventure 1.5 look darn good! They are a perfect addition to those dark horror stories!




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