April 28, 2018

He did it again! Eliot Peper is a master of creeping his way into your brain cells with stories that carry a premonition sign of a society galloping into its dystopian future and human entities running wild with seemingly no one to save them.


Having recent events flooding the world media in mind, Bandwidth (An Analog Novel Book 1) comes as another shocking reminder of the realities we live in, both virtual and the real-time ones, and the hidden battles fought for our souls, money and lives.


Bandwidth is a prophecy of a digital feed era which lures us into its techno-thriller net with an immense potential of manipulating everything and everyone. The only way of survival might be in trusting no one and questioning every authority.


Whether or not you fancy that shape of our future or not, read Bandwidth. If not for the story itself than for the author's writing.


I don't hide; I love Peper's style. His Bandwidth opening pages are a carefully handcrafted textbook example of a great writer catching the attention of his reader at an early stage and the promise of an entertaining read for those seeking intellectual and sophisticated writing.


Oh yes, he did it again! High five!




Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy from the author as his early reader in exchange for an honest review.


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