A Thriller-Like Poll

March 14, 2018

By a heartbeat my book A World Without Color ended up first on the novella of the week poll today in a super exciting photo finish in the last minute!


A piece of my heart goes to everyone who voted for my book in the past few days. My respect and gratitude to you all!


My respect also goes to the other two books and authors, especially to Andie J Fessey who walked arm to arm with me all along the way and deserved the victory too.


The Twitter poll was organized by Book Recommendations & Promotions and I thank them for considering A World Without Color as one of the contestant for their novella of the week. Please follow them on Twitter at @UkBookrecom.


I would also like to ask you to give support to the other two authors who competed with me in the March 8-14 poll. Here are the books and Twitter accounts of all of us competing authors:


Two Hours by Andie J Fessey @AJFessey

Ascension: Trial of the Juditioner by Michael Kubit @MDKwrites

A World Without Color by Bernard Jan @BernardJanWorld


Thank you for sharing your love with us!




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