A Brave Mind for a BRAVE Year

March 14, 2018

I was curious and brave enough to purchase and explore A BRAVE Year: 52 Weeks Being Mindful by Gabriel Constans PhD in a rather challenging time for me. It was like someone pointed a finger and told me to slow down with doing my two part-time jobs, studying online marketing for my book A World Without Color and preparing the launch of the new one.


Life is a torrent which leaves many bruises on our body and mind so I thank the author of this insightful book for giving me the much-needed sense of calmness, focus and awareness in a small space while going to work and back home, which is almost the only time when I can read and relax with a good book.


Living through A BRAVE Year can be a brave act, because allowing ourselves to pause, to be still, undisturbed and not doing something of a greater importance is challenging in this hectic world which forces us to sacrifice our personal mental and spiritual nourishment and growth on the altar of the physical survival.


This is why A BRAVE Year: 52 Weeks Being Mindful isn't a onetime read but the source of fifty-two sessions and classes of mindfulness to be accessed repeatedly. With a brave enough and honest mind to accept and “witness what we discover, inside and out, without turning away or getting caught in the content.”




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