Magnetic Reverie

January 10, 2018

She is beautiful; she is young, and she is torn between two loves—a perfect husband who adores her and cannot live without her and a mysterious young and attractive woman in her dreams. As she travels on a super-fast reality-fantasy track from one continent to another and back, Lana discovers herself as a person, as a desirable woman and a lover, and as a mother.


Will one love die and discard its petals on the shores of unexpectedly discovered female attraction? Will the initial confusion give in to the emotional and physical yearnings and cravings that defy the set norms and rules of our society?


Magnetic Reverie by Nico J. Genes is a passionate and erotic novel, a cocktail of mixed emotions, things supposed to be logical and insatiable desires of the heart. Just as you think you've finished your drink and are ready to leave the bar and go, a hand appears in front of you and serves you another glass. Surprised, you realize the story is yet to unfold.




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