Moon Zinc (Human Rights Matter!)

November 26, 2017

Although much shorter than The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, Moon Zinc by Bibiana Krall resonates as loud and clear in our hearts and minds when we close our eyelids over its last full-stop.


Moon Zinc is a young woman working in a Chinese factory, enjoying her life and gradually losing her innocence as she unravels the truth of mysterious events happening in her factory. Moon Zinc is a brilliantly written and meticulously researched and told story of life of the poor and unimportant, created and generated by our greed and the system that holds no value of human life or the life of our planet.


It is a loud slap on the face which doesn't hysterically scream into our ears but rather gently squeezes our hearts until it makes our eyes bleed with tears of compassion and understanding. By appreciating and acknowledging Bibiana's short and engaging read we honor and acknowledge every enslaved, exploited and underpaid laborer and worker. We acknowledge that many things are not right with our world, that human rights and the rights of every creature and our planet matter, and we recognize Bibiana as a messenger of goodwill and empathy and the beacon of hope for a better today.


She did her job, and she did it greatly; let us do our part and spread her message: human rights matter!


Please read and review Moon Zinc for every person who you know is underpaid, exploited and struggling to survive. Please spread the message because silence is too long.




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