October 7, 2017

Sever by Jesse Grey, writer, reader and music needer from Roanoke, Virginia, is a story I would like to see as a TV show!


The first book from a Slayer Society series is an intriguingly plotted thriller shrouded in the mystery revolving around the high school king Sumner Shadows who tried to kill his friends at the cemetery. Barely surviving their horrific death, they committed their own crime in the process and covered up what they did. With Sumner getting away, that was not the end for Alex, Abram, Bridge, and Mercer. When a new girl moves to Armor Falls, she brings the evidence that Sumner is back to finish what he started.


Sever is a young adult suspense and romance novel for teen, young adult, LGTB and adult readers. With its length, twists, interesting characters in unexpected romantic, emotional and turbulent situations, it deserves to be considered a serious read worthy of our time and attention.


That the author is giving it for free on Smashwords is yet another reason to warm ourselves for getting acquainted with the young members of the Slayer Society.




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