This Crazy Thing I Call My Life

June 21, 2017

Already in A Christmas Outing David and Jamie made me guffaw both in public and within the intimate safety of my home. The brisk, adorable and cracking humor continued to entertain me as well throughout the second book of teenage boyfriends This Crazy Thing I Call My Life by Jonathan Hill.


David and Jamie are now a real couple and it is only appropriate that their parents meet and get to know one another. While Jamie's parents are proud of their gay son and celebrate his homosexuality, David's parents are more closeted about their feelings. When these two families meet on a family gathering, it is easy to guess what the outcome will be!


Not discouraged by the eventful dinner and their first proper argument that follows, Jamie is determined to bring their families together and plots with David another family reunion. This time it is a parents-only reunion, because the boys have something else on their minds....


This Crazy Thing I Call My Life is ripe with funny situations and characters and it is a worthy sequel to the hilarious A Christmas Outing. If you like (British) humor and laughter, grab these two novellas and read them! Jonathan Hill is a great writer and entertainer. He, David and Jamie have the potential to give us a lot more laughter and are hiding plenty of new things in store for us. Somehow I feel it's going to be hot soon and this heat won't have much to do with the summer heatwaves!




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