Two of My Books

April 22, 2017

Two of my books in Croatian are still available for purchase and this is a tip how you can get them!


Cruel Summer (Okrutno ljeto) is my YA adventure/mystery novel with a slight dystopian touch, set in New York City in an alternate reality at the end of the last millennium.


Seventeen-year-old Michael Daniels is a young man who dreams of being a professional skateboarder. He lives with his half-sister and stepfather in a society where people will do anything for power and influence, where child prostitution is rampant, human experimentation is commonplace, and the effects of climate changes wreak havoc on the population. Michael finds out that his stepfather is performing experiments on him to promote superhuman abilities. In an uncontrolled rush of his artificially created powers and rage, Michael beats his stepfather to death and becomes a fugitive on the streets of New Manhattan. His two best friends, Alien and Victor, help him evade the authorities who are learning about Michael’s enhancements and are closing in fast. The truth could provide a justifiable reason for Michael’s assault on his stepfather, but it could also threaten the very foundation of their entire society.


You can buy this book from the website of my publisher Dvostruka duga.


Look for Me Under the Rainbow (Potraži me ispod duge) is my novella listed in a program for elementary schools as a reading of choice for seventh graders.


The murder of seal pups, with their soft pelts and innocent eyes, has come to represent the greed and inhumanity of mankind. It is a tale of the victims hunted for their fur, particularly of a harp seal pup named Danny and his family, and Helen and a small group of people gathered under the name of Rainbow Warriors dedicated to protecting them. Helen represents the future of humanity. Acting in defense of those exploited for money, she questions man’s ability to change and rediscover the human bond with nature.


You can buy the fourth edition of this book from the website of my publisher Katarina Zrinski.


By purchasing, reading and reviewing my books you support my creativity and stimulate and inspire me to push my limits and to delve into new and unexplored literary endeavors! Thank you!




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