Welcome to Interliber

November 8, 2016

Welcome to the Zagreb Book Fair 2016! Interliber –  the 39th International Book and Teaching Appliances Fair has opened its door!


Starting today, November 8, for six days it will host numerous publishers and thousands and thousands and thousands of visitors and book lovers on the Zagreb Fair until it closes its doors again on Sunday, November 13.


Last year I went twice to Interliber but this year I will go to visit it on Saturday only. At least this is the plan. I better restrain my urge to spend too much time surrounded by the mountains of old and new editions. Books are my soft spot and I could easily buckle under the burden of temptation. So I am only going to look for specific books and that's it! Nothing more, nothing less.



It better be that way because I already have 14 paperbacks and 76 ebooks waiting to be read!!! When I'm gonna do that, oh boy??


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