Book Bundle Giveaway

November 2, 2016

It did happen but I did not expect it to happen! I am one of the three winners of Paula Wynne October Book Bundle Giveaway Competition! What does that mean? It means that I have won a bundle of 16 books of various authors! Wow, amazing indeed!


I want to thank Paula for this wonderful opportunity to get such unexpected and much appreciated gift(s) and I also want to thank the following authors for giving their books for free for this competition: PJ McDermot, Mike Hartner, Jody A. Kessler, Paul Casselle, Jacky Gray, Hilary Thompson, Norma Hinkens, J. Naomi Ay, JA Andrews, Jenny Green, Ramona Flightner, Ali Dent, Andy Graham, Vered Ehsani, D.B. Martin, and Michael Bolan.


Beside me, the two other winners of Paula's 3rd Book Bundle Giveaway are Darlene Write and Carol Peace.

Here is what we said upon receiving those wonderful books:


Darlene Wright from the US: “Wow! Fantastic! Thanks So Much!! Made my day!”


Bernard Jan from Croatia: “I entered the October Book Bundle Giveway just for fun, not really expecting anything. Thank you, getting 16 books at one time is totally unbelievable, especially when you have thousands of readers who entered!”


Carol Peace from the UK: “Wow what a great surprise, I am so happy and excited. I love books and reading. Thank you so much!”


This is the link for future book giveaways.


Onwards to reading!



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