Tweet Me Till the End of Time

September 20, 2016

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.


I found my new toy! TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!


Seriously, ha ha! In the last four days (give or take a few hours) I am tweetly occupied with contacting almost 800 of my Internet friends and connections (each one of them individually, I have to mention that!), other random people I tweeted upon, messaging them, asking and inviting to follow me and cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die-promising to follow them back, talking to them (Tweet!), replying, thanking them, tweeting, retweeting, gradually building up my new, aspiring and promising Twitter profile!


Did I forget to tweet something?


Chirp? Cluck? Quack?


Shriek, whistle, tu-whit tu-whoo???


It was fun, can't say I didn't like it (and I still do)!


But, just for the sake of diversity, maybe I should start to howl in the next few days? Or even ROOOAR?!


Chirp? I mean, tweet?


Neh, I don't think so. We already know what it will be!




Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet you!



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