Ghent: Illness – Day 4, 5, 6

February 29, 2016

What more to say when your last days abroad you spend tied to your bed with high temperature and cough, shivering most of the time and being cold despite profusely sweating during the night?


I am not too happy for missing the last lecture on security and data protection by Andrea Villa or not being able to focus completely on the online marketing: SEO/SEA presented by David Van Belle the day before, the both of which I found very interesting and was looking forward to attending and listening to.


It is amazing how the small things such as a virus can cause so much trouble!


Well, at least this illness didn't get to claw its way into preventing me from flying home, which went swift, fast and nice in spite of its digging through my weakened body.


Honestly, I wouldn't mind staying a bit longer in Belgium due to some other reasons and fond memories from the past, but this is yet another chapter for which neither it is time nor place.



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