Three of the Three

January 10, 2016

I am done! I am done! Way ahead of a schedule!


Those who have read my previous posts are familiar with my efforts to transcribe three of my earliest novels which I did not have in electronic versions. All of them have been published in Croatian more than 18 years ago and back then were written on my typewriter. No computers, no easy way out of the hard and oftentimes frustrating labor of typing each page on a sheet of paper – especially if you make a typo and need to opt between correcting it or throwing the whole page away.


Nonetheless, it was a nice flashback to my youth, the meeting with my-old/young-self, my thoughts, dreams, expectations when I was much more enthusiastic, impatient and naïve than I am now. (Was I?! Haha!) It's amazing how we tend to forget things, both nice and bad ones, so this experience was a pleasant reminiscence of people I loved and things that were. It was great to relieve it again!



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