Books Connect People

November 10, 2015

Zagreb Book Fair Interliber, day one, about an hour later


Had a great pleasure and joy to meet Nives Tomašević, my publisher and editor who first published Look for Me Under the Rainbow in Croatian twelve years ago! We haven't been in touch for years already, far too long, and today we met after I picked freshly printed copies of the fourth edition of Look for Me Under the Rainbow at the stand of my new publisher!


To make the whole encounter even more interesting, first my ex-colleague Tajana and then Nives herself took care of. I met Tajana by accident while looking for some books to buy and asked her if Nives was still working at her publishing house. She said yes, but wasn't sure if she would be on the Book Fair today. When I returned a bit later to buy books after browsing the stands of other publishers, she told me that Nives was there and took me to her! A very pleasant and unexpected encounter was additionally made incredible by Nives' story: She told me that she has been intensively thinking about me today and the book we've published so many years ago, and then I showed up in person and gave her the brand new copy of that very same book!


Books have special powers! If nothing else, books connect people, that's for sure!



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