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Triggered and Control Freaked

In the third novel in the Control Freakz box set, Michael Evans brings Natalie’s life into somewhat calmer but emotionally still challenging and turbulent waters. Unlike in action-and-killing-packed Control Freakz (book 1) and Delusional (book 2), Natalie in Triggered has even more time to look into herself, deals with her regrets and contemplate about her emotional state. The same broken state in which she made some bad moves and wrong decisions. As she becomes aware of the impact she has left on the world and the lives of her closest and dearest ones, she sinks into lethargy, self-pity, depression, and solitude. Before she sets her mind on becoming a new, yet the same old Natalie, determined to make great things for humanity.

Saving the world comes at too great a price and learning the truth can be too hard to handle. But the young author shows no mercy to his protagonists, and that is what I love about his writing. Not mentioning the continuous elements of surprise and his easy-to-read and rich writing style.

It is important to keep in mind that Michael Evans wrote and self-published the Control Freakz Series in his teenage years. Giving the world such a complete and impressive literary work at such an early and, let’s say, inexperienced age deserves our attention and praise. But Michael Evans proved that he had enough of experience to capture our minds and time and lock us into his apocalyptic, dystopian world of the near-future America filled with terror. His fluent and eloquent writing is a treat to enjoy in hours after hours of reading as he takes us through his tragic stories and broken and almost hopeless emotional states of his characters. This box set is perfect for introspective and dark readers, but also for the fans of young heroes, intense and gory action scenes, and those who are not afraid to face the future or what it may bring us.

This is the review of an older edition of Triggered and the whole Control Freakz Series box set, and some of my review may or may not pertain to the current edition of the novels. But I wanted my review to reflect an honest experience of the whole story as it was when I read it.


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My review of Control Freakz and Delusional.

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