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Polar Dream

Polar Dream is the latest amazing book by my favorite Croatian writer and photographer, Davor Rostuhar. In this unbelievable adventure, Davor surrounded himself with his dream and followed it all the way to the South Pole. He walked 1,163 km solo, pulling his sled, unsupported and unassisted in the journey of cold and silence that lasted 48 days.

Polar Dream is a story of the strength of human will, endurance, courage, dedication, belief in yourself. But also a story of one amazing dream and all it took to reach it. If you are an adventurer, a wanderer, or you just like to learn about untouched and hidden corners of our planet and its majestic beauty, this is the book you should have and read. Not only to give respect to Davor, who is the 26th person in the history who achieved something so incredible that borders with craziness—to walk by himself, unassisted and unsupported, on his expedition from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, but also to listen to his motivating and inspiring thoughts and voice. Because for him, there is no giving up.

“My arena is silent and lonely, but support from my fans echoes faintly through this holy silence, and on its wings I fly toward victory.”

Polar Dream - South Pole Expedition is also available in English, thanks to Davor who translated it himself from Croatian.

For more information about other Davor’s adventures, expeditions and books, visit his websites and


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