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My Goodreads Reviews Part 50

I dedicate the reading of these five books I have reviewed on Goodreads to Pride month and the authors and books banned in American schools. It is sad that in these modern times some books with LGBTQ+ characters and themes have been banned in schools in at least ten US states because of being that genre or dealing with society sensitive topics. Because of that, special regards and thanks to Adam Silvera and David Levithan with the hope that you will support and enjoy all five books from this list.

The First to Die at the End, Catch You If You Fall (The Rise Up Trilogy book 1), Six Days in Jerusalem, Two Boys Kissing, Boyfriend Material (London Calling, #1)

Worthy of every minute of my life I spent reading it. Emotional overload. This is what prequels should look like: with a big, big heart!

Henrik Wilenius gave me four good reasons (tropes) to enjoy and like this book: a strong and unbreakable bond of friendship, extreme sports (skateboarding), animal rights (veganism), and human rights (equality and liberation and freedom from religiously imposed rules and dogmas). If you are interested in any of these tropes or causes, you will like Catch You If You Fall.

Can six days of war be at the same time six days of bliss and rapture? If you ask Omar and Asaf, they can.

“. . . those days of chaos when nothing made sense, and everything had been possible.”

I thank the author of this historical gay romance for the closure different from I expected it to be. I had too many personal partings and losses recently, so adding some sweetness to his story is welcome in diluting the bitterness of reality we face every day.

Inspirational, educational, and heart-warming.

Two Boys Kissing is one of the most serious candidates for my favorite book of 2023. This book should be read, savored, and glorified. Such an extraordinary, lyrical, beautiful, and humanely warm story.

Now I know why this book is so popular and loved. Rightfully so! A conveniently appropriate read for the closure of my Pride books month.

Happy reading!


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